Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Silk Road Hunt

Happy Halloween !!! hope you all enjoy your day and have a lot of candy hehe.

(The SILK ROAD Hunt starts at midnight, 31st October, so we're going to GET READY TO HUNT!
Please join the group "The SILK ROAD Hunters" right away so you don't miss out!
When: Sunday, 31st October, 6-8 PM SLT
Where: The Imperial Palace in Mieville Chinatown
Wear your hunting outfit or something that fits in with the theme of the hunt and come enjoy the tunes of "CJ the DJ", Caspian Jameson! See you there!)

Tomorrow starts the Silk Road Hunt, first semi-annual Asian-themed hunt.

THE SILK ROAD consisted of an extensive interconnected network of trade routes across the Asian continent connecting East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean world, as well as North and Northeast Africa and Europe.

The SILK ROAD Hunt will take place from 1st to 30th November, 2010.

There will be SILK ROAD-themed gifts to find hidden all over the grid in more than 80 participating shops.  You'll be offered a variety of gifts as you search for the hidden items.  Only high-quality designers have been invited to participate, and their exclusive items will be available only for the duration of the hunt.
You need to look these little Pagoda

As with most hunts, you begin at a starting location.  That location will give you the LM to the next, and so on.  

The Hunt starts here:

However, if you join the group, in November you'll be given a list of all the merchants' shops and you can start wherever you like!

SEARCH the group The SILK ROAD Hunters and join for free!

For more info:

My store will be at the hunt too, you can get the gift is easy to find :)

Purple Moon Oriental Decorations

More hints soon :)
Have fun and enjoy your Halloween :))

Saturday, October 30, 2010

News from Alli&Ali for these week

Hiya, here is the news from Alli&Ali for these week including a great set for Halloween.

also available on the marketplace

Voting presents (this is free and can be found by the voting wall in the hair section)

Group presents (on the info desk, make sure to activate group tag!)

Some more colors can be found for 1 L on the Marketplace ONLY: (both red as a perfect addition to your halloween costume!)

More colors can be found on the Action Wall, All on the action wall!, (Make sure to wear Alli&Ali group title to get 50% money back from all purchases from the Action Wall!!!)

New MM board prizes! Various in rotation!

What are you waiting, run to get yours :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friends Time

Is not work, work and work, and blog, and work and blog more lol, we need sometimes a liiiitle break and glad that Deb sent me TP today just to have a little dance at The Ruins and hear music.
Here we are, Deb, Mes, June, glad she is back in SL and recovered :)

 The Ruins is a nice place to hangout, never was there before, but was fun and Pippa Exonar have a great voice, check her performance inworld.

I love the magic of SL, that all are in different places in the world, but here we all can be together :)
Thank you Mes & Deb for been unconditional friends, xoxo


Friday, October 29th, 2010 at 6:00 pm SLT

Join us at the Venus Model Agency Runway in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as Spirit Models style up designs from:

Finesmith Jewelry
Lovely Mi - Make-ups
Mohna Lisa Couture

50% of proceeds from the sale of these fashions and accessories will go to RL Breast Cancer Charities.

Remember that at my store, obSexyon I have 2 products for sale, and 100% goes for this events, also there you can touch the Fashion Show board to receive a little gift and important info about Breast Cancer, and the little Angel that is a freebie that I specially made for the Breast Cancer Month.

Take care, your life is the most important thing that you have :)

Flash Tips (Magia/Vanity Hair/Champagne)

Hiya a few news for today:

55L Sales Thursday:
This time I'm wearing this glamourous set from Magia, Diva / Sunglasses&Scarf
I not like too much use sunglasses, but these are very chic! I like them.

The hair is from vanity, Hare Hare

Enzo's Champagne Latest creation:
The latest release from CHAMPAGNE!sparkling fashion
ALIVE in Green
(you can find more details about the news from Champagne in my post from yesterday)
Thank you Enzo for the gift :)

The Hair is from Vanity, released yesterday,
 Casino Royal, comes with hair base.

LOOOOOL I have to do this, at 1:00 am, trying the demos @ Vanity and I see this in my face, can't stop laughing, haha so funny the moustache looool
Ok, now the not demo hair lol, is the Sinahi, also with hair base.

More news soon ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sexy Dress from Champagne for suscribers and New Release

Hi :) this is the sexy Dress that you get if you suscribe to Champagne's Store.

Also check Enzo's Designs, he have a lot of gorgeous outfits for ladies and gentleman, like hes new release ALIVE.

"ALIVE is an elegant pant set with all of the extra detail and accessories that you have come to expect!  And we don’t disappoint!  The main pieces of this sophisticated pantsuit are made of a shimmering silk that shows off your curves in a seductively glamorous way.  In your choice of Gold, Green, or Fraise (Red), the pants are solid, flowing, and with a flared bottom, and the form-fitting top boasts a hot animal-type print, also repeated in the gloves with cuff detail.

Adding to the allure of this masterpiece are dark brown feathered attachments on the left and right shoulders and the stunning, golden jeweled belt with gold chains that accentuate your waist and add that special touch of glam and chic to the outfit!!  Also included are matching earrings with gold jewels and chains.  Stunning!"

For the woman who likes a bit of structure and simplicity as well as bold styling in her night life, ALIVE is going to fit the bill.  You don't have to wear a gown be the hit of the party.
And don't forget the monthly contest, here is the info:


Champagne is holding a contest for MEN AND WOMEN. This is a  monthly event. This is to find beautiful, elegant people in SL, who can represent the sparkling and glamorous flair of Champagne Designs . This will be a great opportunity for everyone who enjoys fashion and want to be a model.

What do you have to do?

-  first join the CHAMPAGNE! contest  sparkling face of the month group on Flickr :

-  make a nice picture , wearing one of the outfits of CHAMPAGNE!sparkling fashion , 
   you can place 3 maximun  per avatar (min. 512 x 512 pixels)
- rename them CHAMPAGNE CONTEST " your name"

Enzo Champagne will pick 3 names each 15th of month:

-3th Place win a store card value 500l
-2nd Place win a store card value 1500l
and the winner ,
-1st Place win to be in the AD of Champagne in BOSL and Avenue Magazines (So you have to be avaiable to do the photoshoot) and in stores.
      And win too a storecard value 5000l

Competition Dates
You have to submit your photos until 15th of each month. The winners will be announced on the 15th in the night of each month.
So the deadlines are always in the 15th.

Rules of the Competition
1. You must be wearing a Champagne outfit  (male or female).
2.You may submit a maximum of 3 photographs (each with different Champagne outfit).
3.No logos, signs or names are allowed on the photographs.
4.  The size of the photographes is 1024x1024 pixels, min 512
5. Champagne reserves the right to disqualify if the rules mentioned are not respected;
6.You give Champagne all your rights to use your pics for promotions ,etc...

Your Limo

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Booties in autre

Rory released her new booties and she sayd this: "I call them the anti peta booties ;D" lol
They are made of snakeskin and fur, on a greyscale for winter wardrobe matching!
Not have a picture of them done yet (she was too excited to put them out for you!!) so to make up for the lack of picture... (hehe she is a sweet :)
The best part, They are on sale!!
normal price for her shoes is 75$L, and these are on sale for 50$L
High quality textures and sculpts for fifty lindens!  she is gonna keep them on sale til she get the vendor pic done (maybe tonight) so hurry in and scoop em up while their on sale!!!

Also check her last releases

Hurry to see her new boots and all the cute dresses that she have :)

Couch Talks with...

LOL, instead of Sand confessions, now is Couch Talks, hehe is more comfy sit there and have a nice talk with celebrities in SL.
She is a Deja Vu Model, won model fest JCNY last year and now she opened her own store, a girl who never stop :), she is...

RoxyLove Darcy

LV: Hi Roxy :) is a pleasure have you here in my little place, how was your day ?
RD: omg is this ur home it soo cute, It was great ty and urs?
LV: tyyyy, great too, normal day :)

LV: Tell me a little about your fist steps in SL.
RD: Well when I first join SL I went to a fashion show, like a couple of days after I join it was for a agency called Nex-Core and thats when I kinda knew I wonted to be a model/designer hehe

LV: So, since you started, you decided it :)
RD: yah, my mom is a designer, so I kinda always had a think for design

LV: when we start SL we have those not so well done ;) skin, and hair, if you almost start like a model when you born here, you need to buy skin, hair, everything, right?
RD: yah, I bought it all lol
LV: someone helped you or you just start to search like crazy?
RD: I would have to say I kinda found my way around my self because like when I was a noob it like people do not like noobs lol
LV: I was lucky have a few good friends that I meet in my beginnings who's helped me a lot :), others just want sex lol
RD: that really great. omg yessss tell me about it

LV: Since you started modeling, things changed a lot?
RD: yes tottaly it kinda help get my name non I'm still not that like super top model but I'm working my way up there hehe
LV: is a very very hard world, and not that easy like people think
RD: no not at alll u have to also have though skin

LV: Sometimes you think in quit the modeling?, or work harder to be on the top?
RD: ooo no I never think about quiting never I feel if I work hard enough I can archive anything I set my mine to
LV: true, never quit, work harder to reach our goals
RD: yes

LV: You won JCNY Model Fest last year in April, that helped you in your modeling career?
RD: yah it help :) I joined JCNY fest like every month before I won in april heheh

LV: Now you have your own brand, DéDulja, why this new step and why you named it DéDulja :)
RD: Well I wonted to always start my own store iv always had a passion for fashion love it sooo much and a lot of my passion comes from my RL mom :) and I choose the name DéDulja because I wonted something different something when people hear that name they wont think of anything else but my store.
LV: good point about the name :), and your mom is designer then :)
RD: yah she designs in RL she will be opening a store in San Francisco soon hehe, I will pass one some of her creation from RL to SL though my store hehe
LV: hehe cool, she design clothes then, so she is your inspiration here
RD: yes and also some of my fav store in RL like Forever 21 H&M BEBE
LV: I loveeee bebe :)
RD: omg same here woot

LV: your RL work experience helps you here in SL?
RD: yes hehe I design in RL also but not like my mom lol
LV: lol, but you will :) with her experience, and you have the passion you will have success :)
RD: awww ty

LV: What you like to do more, Modeling or create Fashion for your Store?
RD: I have to say i love them both yes there to different playing filled but u cant have models with out designer and u cant have designers with out models.
LV: good point :)

LV: In SL we have a looot Fashion Designers, stores that are saddly closing now, what you think will make you different and have success?
RD: Well i think my taste and style in clothing i more of the everyday couture type designer and just with some of the ideas I have I think will make my store a success.

LV: What is the style of your brand?
RD: some casual some evening

LV: Any advice to models and new designers?
RD: All I can say it don't give up don't let people tell u ur not good enough because people will talk and that all apart of being coming something like that and just keep trying and trying and u will reach ur goal

LV: anything else that you want to tell me about you :)
RD: hmmm i love PINK hahaha
LV: looool, well pink is the color of passion, like Steve Tyler says in his song ;)
RD: also a lot of people have been asking me what i am hahah iI'm French/Caucasian hahahaha
LV: were are you from?
RD: I'm from NY moved to France then moved to SF hehe
LV: I love NY, was there in Xmas, never been in France but want to go :), 3 great places to have your inspiration then
RD: yes tottaly

LV: you design the adds and model for your store?
RD: yah hehe

Thank you so much for give me the pleasure to interview you, all the best for you in your modeling, and now with your new passion, DéDulja :)
RD: okay yaaay sooo excited, hehe ty sooo much.

To Visit Roxy's Store just follow this link

Outstanding New Releases from Finesmith

I always like to see new releases from all the great designers around SL, just received the New Collection from yula Finesmith and have no words, is glamorous, different shapes and like always the gorgeous diamonds are the center of her creations.

~*Finesmith Jewelry Designs*~
contemporary Jewelry with a touch of Glam, unusual shapes set with the finest diamond textures.
Finesmith Jewelry in Secondlife from 2008 represent fresh and innovative designs and makes a point on functionality.
most of the jewelry are menu Driven- with 6-12 different gem and metal change. ofcourse the option to scale.
The new Finesmith collection is lag free! each piece has only one script in it yet controls texture change, gem change, color, glow, scale and oppacity- so you can tp, dance, and enjoy low arc.
the textures are realistic and the jewelry will just sit right where it belongs.

The Chloe's Hallucination Set, is just for Hallucinate!
Collar, Bracelets, Necklace & Earrings
Mix&Match it to your taste and use the HUD
to create your unique look changing colors os textures and Gems.

Love at first sight, I just saw this pic and want to wear it right now and play with color and there you go, that one is just one option you can do a lot color combinations with
 the Disturbia Veil

Also remember the challenge for these week, the 4th. week Surrealism

Are you up for the challenge?
"Finesmith Style about...." a challenging styling contest held every week at FRIDAY mornings 9amslt. The contest will run for 10 weeks and every week there's one unique theme that will test your creative stylings! Research the fashion and art styles using exclusively the Jewelries from Finesmith Jewelry. Create that one breathtaking look that will take you to the finals. Interpret the theme into your own vision and let us see it on the runway.

How to be a part of the FINESMITH STYLE ABOUT..

1. Join the Finesmith group and be one of the followers of the blog and be updated for the latest release/new collections.
Secondlife ///app/group/b75f8ed0-69ab-500f-7b54-2110a5cfc58c/about

2.  During stylings, wear atleast one item from  Finesmith Jewelry. the rest of the styling to your choice
(you may wear other designers jewelry as well, we support our fellow designers- its all about style) .
3. The Finesmith Jewelry style about... will be juried by designers, agency owners, photographers and more. Its a good exposure to all aspiring models to shine on the runway.
4.  Every week there will be a theme.  Before 9amslt, Friday of every week, research the subject and style the perfect outfit.
5. In a NC write your styling description and what inspired you to create that syle. Put in your modeling resume and rename the card (Example: Finesmith style about...- Yula Finesmith)
Send your NCs to YULA FINESMITH until 6AM every friday. No NC no chance to show your stylings on the runway.
6. Contest will start OCTOBER 8 at 9am slt
8. ** The winner of the WEEKLY STYLINGS will have a chance to move on the finals
9. Please make sure the date for the final event is available for you in case you will be a finalist.
Attention: this contest is also casting to our Diva's group- most of you will be invited to become a Finesmith Diva - this is a chance to represent finesmith in the store as live model and on our vendors, in fashion shows, inworld events, and print model for finesmith in the most known SL magazines.
1. 25,000L cash prize
2. the winner in the finals will be crowned MS. FS STYLISTA. Crown specially made by Yula Finesmith made for a stylista. ^-^
3. a big contract with Finesmith Jewelry Design
4. a chance to be on the Finesmith Jewelry ads and be advertised in various major sl magazines, photo taken will be posted on our catalogues,blogs and in store crediting the model.
5.  a chance to be included on the premiere model group of FINESMITH Divas.for all contestants.
6. To be included on the Finesmith Fashion promotion, shows, print work, live ...
7.  the challenge winner will receive 5 minuts video created for her by AVCON! valued for 20k.
8. the winner will receive 6 photos portfolio made by the photographer Lybra Rage from All the Rage!
Show your best style!

What are you waiting for???
Here is your Limo ;)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

This week in Alli&Ali

Hi, hope you all have a great weekend, I have it :).
Here is the New releases from Alli& Ali for these week:

Special offer is found in bags in both mainstores on the floor. Buy the pack, then right click and take it.
You receive 8 styles for the price of 3! 
Included: Mina, Loreley, Carlina, Nyota, Angela, Medina, Annie and Samarra.
This is a limited offer. First come first serve!

Voting presents (this is free and can be found by the voting wall in the hair section)
Billy Hair - Unisex

Group presents (on the info desk, make sure to activate group tag!)

More colors can be found on the Action Wall:
(Make sure to wear Alli&Ali group title to get 50% money back from all purchases from the Action Wall!!!)
New MM board prizes! Various in rotation!

Your Broom to Alli's Mainstore

Saturday, October 23, 2010

BOSL Hunt News

Hellooooo!!! I was in the BOSL Hunt and I find some of the great products that some of the best designers in SL put for sale for just 50L.
Check it out;

*Bliss Couture* Kris Dress (Halloween)
(Clio)- Sabrina Lavander Gown
Agnes Finney-Lu
The Janice Set - Slv/Whit Opal
*DNR* Sexy Witch Mini Dress
Violator-The Radical Cut Black- by Soraya Vaher
I also find this nice things for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month Freebie
And I get this lovely dress from GS, Isa, is a gift, love it.

Take a look to the Hunt, no lag, easy to find and great items

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