Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hiya, great news for Le Petits Details group Members :)
(if you are not in the group, WHAT are you waiting to join :)))

This skin will be sold for L.50 

Only for this week end and only for the group members of *LpD*!

You can try the demo at:
*LpD* Skins Mainstore

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Le Petits Détails New Releases & Sale

Like always I just love LpD outfits, cute, fun, different and so well done, just makes me happy wear them and mix&match all the different options of clothes, shoes, skins, jewels, makeups, eyelashes, bag, and alllllll!!!

Today I showing you the latest ones that Nevery created:

*LPD* Skins - Virginia Natural
*LpD* Special Gifts - *The Glass Marbles* Necklace Bubblegum (Older Group Gift)
*LpD* - Buckskin Bag Beige
New Release:
*LpD* - *Boho* Boots Gary and Light Brown
*LpD* - *Dalia* Dress Blue Tones

*LpD* - *Boho* Boots Gray

*LpD* - *Marie* Pump Ash
*LPD* - *Petal* Dress Emerald (Dress Prim - No Glow)
*LPD* Skins - Virginia Natural
*LpD* - *Life in Leaves* Earring Brown

*LpD* - *Life in Leaves* Earring Brown
*LPD* Skins - Virginia Blue
*LpD* - *Marie* Pump Sugar - Red Bow 
*LPD* - *Petal* Dress Ocean (Dress Prim - Glow)

on SALE Items:
These items will be sold for L.70 by April 25th untill May 1tst
and they wont be available after this period!

Your Limo to LpD

Agnes Finney presents EMPRESS

Hi again :), I'm so excited with the outfit that I'll show you now, why?
Because again Agnes Finney did a fantastic Piece of Art with her latest release:

An Empress is the wife or widow of an emperor. 
But for me that defines best an Empress is a woman who holds the rank of emperor in her own right, a woman of great power and influence.

With this gown you will feel that power because is just outstanding, the soft hand painted silk in red and golden tones makes this dress the one that any Empress want to use.

Accidentally I was looking at the pose from different angles, and I just realized that if you see the gown from the top is like a folding fan, just gorgeous.

In this pic I'm wearing the gown without the sleeves and looks great too.

Visit My Precious Store to be in love with all the amazing creations of Agnes, check the goodies and have fun shopping :)

Your Limo to Agnes lovely Store

Finesmith 55L Thursday

Sale 7AM TO 7AM Thursdays
designers setup one or more items for SaaaaLe in 55L.  look for the Fifty 5 thursday subscriber to find the item.

Join FashionAlert/ Fifty5 thursdays group to get the list every week or subscribe our subscribers.
 check out our blog all the photos and LMs in one click 

Helloooooo Finesmith 55L SALES for today, YAY!!!

SPECTRUM, looks like candy :)))

Your Limo to Finesmith

DK 55L Thursday and New releases

DK DESIGNS is taking part in the promo FIFTY5 THURSDAYS, offering 2 disccounted items at price of 55L each. 
You will find this sexy dress called SMOOTH, in 2 colors at that special price just for today.

And also take a look to the new releases from DK, SHOEEES!!!  ELY!

and this Sexy Dress Sizzle in Purple

I'm wearing Sizzle Dress and ELY SHoes in Purple.

Your Limo to DK

News from Finesmith

Hi, presenting the latest news from our Fav Jewel Designer, Finesmith :)

Summer Flower Power

This amazing Orchid set was made for the beautiful Reign congrejo when she went to MVW to compete between the most beautiful 30 women in SL.
Reign Miss Costa Rica asked for orchids, and now her set will be sold today in 100L for each piece.
 Don´t miss this offer.

Group Member Gift, 10L


With nice summer colors to mix&match.
Menu control 3 groups so you can mix and match and get crazy
or get it only in platinum.

Your Limo To Finesmith

More news later :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Latest Video for KUNGLERS

 Hiya, check this video for Kunglers that was made by a very, very good friend of mine, she rocked.
I love the concept, the synchro, the dances, all, she did an amazing job here.

 Fashion Film - Kunglers
Avagardner , Barbra Kungler ( Designers )
From: Showstudio

Monday, April 25, 2011

Agnes Finney presents PRECIOUSNESS

Another breathtaking creation from Agnes Finney.
Romantic and Elegant a gown to feel like a princess.
3 different colors to choose, Blue, Champagne and a gorgeous Vintage Pink.

Is on SALE until 25th April midnight, so hurry still have time :)
Buy as Gift option is available at the vendors.

You can wear it in 2 different options, with the ruffles in the chest or
without them with a nice bow and lace.

New goodies @ My Precious
is this lovely cute dress with butterfly wings in the skirt and a nice V cut.

Visit Agnes Store and for sure you will find the outfit that you need for that special occasion.

My Precious April Show hightlight: 

Your Limo and Champagne to My Precious Store :)

[BedlaM] OZSTARZ "RETRO" Hi-top sneakers

Hi :) tomorrow back to the routine again, hope you haved a great time these days.

Since sculpted foots exists in SL I can't live without them, I love the high heels with sculpted feet, but, sometimes, and is a lot of times hehe, I want to use sneakers, like in RL, when we modeling, or want to be sexy and elegant, we use a lot of heels, but when we back to home we just want to take the out and be comfy, or when you go to shopping, or even dancing you can use a great pair of sneakers, and why not try these ones from [BedlaM], made by Seatyn Magic, the OZSTARZ "RETRO".

Are fun to wear and use, and comes with a great HUD to resize them, change the texture of the tattoo, colors of rings, lace, boot, sole, trim, toe and have soooo many options that never ends, just mix&match it to your outfit and done.

Fully sculpted  boots (All custom textures!)
HUD operated for maximum options.

Custom features on side of boots (there are 12) are colour change.
The boot itself, the sole, toe, trim and rings are all colour change.
All of this via a HUD. Including RESIZE so very low lag.

So many options!!
There are literally 1000's of boots in one!

Check out at the main store! or on MARKETPLACE
you can use this link

Your Limo to the store

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Unique Skins

Hi :) Happy Easter!!!

One of the things that we always want to have in SL is quality Skins, almost all of us first chooses the skin, hair and then the outfits, the skin and the shape is your image in SL, is the way to be recognized, like in RL.

Today I'll show you an amazing skin creator, Nany Merlin, one of the best Skin Creators in SL, is hard to find quality skins, with details and realistic features, but in Unique you will find them.  In my inventory I have a looot of skins, but really I just use 3 or 4, and Unique is one of them, because fits well my shape and have a lot of variations to choose, and fits almost all of my shoes lol, no need to change colors :)), but of course all depends of your skin tone.
Also you can check at Unique the great Shapes that iarita beck creates, and of course the will made to fit perfect with the skins.

Artemis Pale 01

Artemis Pale 02 & 
Artemis 02 with Sexy Breasts

Artemis Pale 04

Artemis Pale 06 with Sexy Breasts

Artemis Pale 12 (hairbase/openlips)
Artemis Shape (by iarita beck)
Artemis Pale Natural Eyes 4 Blue

Take a look to the latest releases in Unique and all the great offers that they have for you.

Your Limo To Unique Megastore

9 days of inspiration glory...

...thats whats going on in Finesmith in the next 9 days-
Just 9 days before releasing 10 new Inspiration sets we offer you each day one of finesmith top sets in 50% off. 

10 days untile the release of 10 more Inspiration sets for Finesmith favorites.

in this 9 days we will offer you to purchase one set each day for 50% made for our inspiration Models. FULL SETS FULLY MENU DRIVEN.









Prices are already set to 50% off.

And the group gift now is

Your Limo to Finesmith

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