Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Catwoman by ChiChi of London

'Catwoman' has been visually reinterpreted many times since her Debut as a DC Comics Character, in 1940. Your Chichi Catwoman Outfits are inspired by the two  most recent Cats, Actress Halle Berrys Suit from 2004's 'Catwoman', and Michelle Pfieffers meow costume from 'Batman Returns' (1986). As usual, Chichi's Heroine Costumes have been reinterpreted by our Designers, to give them a look that is inline with our own ethos.

The Set includes:
~Two (2) Masks
~Two (2) Pairs Sculpted Catwoman Ears
~One Pair Catwoman Claws
~Two (2) Tops
~Two (2) Pants
~Two (2) Pairs Sculpty Boots
~Two (2) Catwoman Whips (Animated)
~Coiled Whip

Also take a look to all the amazing creations that you just can find at
ChiChi Of London, like:

To see all the amazing creations of Gaius, here is your Limo

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Precious Flash News

Hi :) time for flash news from Agnes Finney.

 L E A is available for non-members until 31 August, so hurry still have time.

 And the New Couture Hat DARE

And remember My Precious Winter Queen September Selection, can apply until September 12th.
More info at the Mainstore.

Your Limo to Agnes Store

[sYs] Hunts

 Woooot [sYs] is participating in 3 hunts starting September 1st until September 30th.


Cute & sexy top and short
[sYs] I Love my sYs ! 

I matched it with the [sYs] DIVINE - boots (latex white)


[sYs] Fall Skin

 C is for Carnival hunt

[sYs] PIERROT  - Make Up

Have fun hunting starting on september 1st at [sYs] Store

Monday, August 29, 2011

Finesmith presents Noir & Lovely

Before yula goes to a deserved vacation, she brings us her new releases:


NOIR collection inspired by BlackLiquid's love of mix and match is Finesmith's latest release! This set has everything from earrings, necklace, ring, eyelashes, bracelets and fabulous accessories such as an umbrella and a magic wand! Come visit the brand new Finesmith store and check out this latest release!

And another fabulous set released today is LOVELY, a firework design adorned with various hues of red and black.

Your Limo to Finesmith NEW Store

Chichi of London Pin Up Girl 2

Last month I have the pleasure to make a Fashion Show wearing ChiChi of London, and I was impressed with the quality of the textures and the outfit that I used.
Now is no exception with the latest release from Gaius Luminos "PinUp Girl"

About Chichi 'Pinup Girl'
Chichi's 'Pin Up Girl' is a tribute to an Iconic 20th Century Art Form. Pin Up Girl 2 is our own vampy interpretation of a  post war Soviet Union style womans ceremonial officer uniform, in two sassy versions-mini dress and short shorts/ jacket combi. Outfit comes complete with cute sailor hat, hairs, heels, and combi wardrobe. A timeless and va-va- voom Creation, from Chichi of London!

~Prim Skirt
~Suspender Belt
~Weapons assortment

Use it with the Jacket, without and have a lot of weapons to choose if you like.

Chichi of London- walk in a Customer...walk out a Star!

About Pin Up Art & Fashion:
During World War II pin-up pictures of scantily clad movie stars were extremely popular among US servicemen. Whether it was a painted calendar, advertisement, or the photo pinups that the G.I.s pinned on their locker doors,and which later adorned the noses of their bomber planes in WW2.

Pinup art continued to grow in popularity, and sophistication through the 1950s. Movies were made about Pinup Artists and models, and most actresses of the time were considered pinups first then actresses. Marilyn Monroe was Earl Morans' favorite model before and after she became a movie star. Numerous celebrities posed for pinup and glamour artists.
Playboy was instrumental in changing the world of glamour photography as the first magazine that both focused on nude models and targeted the mainstream consumer. In December 1953, Hugh Hefner published the first edition of Playboy with Marilyn Monroe on the cover and nude photos of Monroe inside.

 After Playboy broke through, many magazines followed and this was instrumental in opening the market for the introduction of glamour photography into modern society.

Your Limo to ChiChi

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tenue Myosotis by Azoury

Azoury just released yesterday 3 new gorgeous Mix&Match outfits, Skirt, Body and Boots.

Is a simple but elegant that can be mixed with any of your fav outfits from Azoury and is available in  blue,red,black and green.

The skirt is layered and have little bronze squares in the botton, love that detail and have a skirt, all sculpted and is available in blue, pink and black.

Love the boots are super easy to wear and looks amazing with a loooot of combinations of outfits.
The boots are available in: black, blue, orange, red, purple and green.

Your Limo to Azoury

Friday, August 26, 2011

[Le Coute] Amarelo Manga Fashion Show

[LE] Le Coute Models Academy will present the latest from Amarelo Manga


This Saturday August 27th, 2011
at 5:00 p.m. SLT

A show that you not want to miss!

Your Limo to the Show

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finesmith News

Today in the New Stunning Finesmith Store
The 55L SALE is the Tornado Dress and matching Necklace, each for 55L

Your Limo to Finsemith New Store


'Walk Like an egyptian'
You are invited to Finesmith show With Passion Agency
Friday August 26 at 2:00 PM

Dress light its gonna be hot in the desert;)

Would love having you as our guests-
Lets explode the sim like we always do- and enjoy end of the season show.

yula Finesmith- Finesmith Designs
Leandra Breen- Passion Fashion Agency

Your Limo to the Show

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FINESMITH New Store!!!

Wooooot!!! Finesmith opened the new store and is amazing, chic, classy, black & whites tones, moder design, have to see it .

The store was build for yula custom by the artist Blackliquid Tokyoska and her talented RL partner Xtofer Tepper, who also created the new logo.

This is the welcome gift, a complete dress with necklace.

Your Special Limo to Finesmith

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Promised and here you go...

I tell you a few days ago that will be a surprise to all my lovely readers and followers :)
I have a small Fashion Store, is closed now but I want to re-open it soon with just a few products, one of them, always was my best selled is this sexy Lingerie Set, and now I set it like a gift for all of you :)

I also included in the box a couple raft with candles :)

The Limo to get your gifty :)

*Is a box near the voting station.

Want a Cherry?

For sure you will, when you see this cute Cherry Hat from Agnes Finney, I know in RL you never use a cherry hat, but in SL we can use and wear anything and the designers creations have no limits.

I'm wearing the Cherry Hat with the comfy summer dress MAXI, is the latest release from Agnes Finney.
Show your summer tan with this long dress with bright tones in pink, blue and white and a nice Top in Pink.

Other release is this lovely white dress
and matching Hat
F L Y with M E

Your Limo To Agnes Store

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tenue Hysope by Azoury

Hiya, the newest release from Azoury, that you can get tomorrow 20th., is this Jumpsuit

Tenue Hysope

Turtle Neck, open at both sides, fits like a glove, low rise pants and sculpted pant detail.

Available colors: black, green, purple, brown and blue.

To match you're outfit, these mini sexy boots,
in blue, green, brown, fuchsia and red.

Azoury is part in -YOUR INNER BUNNY HUNT
From Aug 13th-Sept 16th, 2011

Your Limo to Azoury

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finesmith 55L for today

Hiyyaaaa, 2 Bracelets and matching Necklace are sold for 55L each today @ Finesmith.

And don't forget that still have time to get your fav jewels at Finesmith with 50% off.

Your Limo

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