Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coming Soon to Azoury

SOON at Azoury this cute outfit, short with high waist belt, mini top, bolero style jacket, socks and platform shoes, different colors to choose to mix&match your fav style.

AZOURY - La Veste AALYAH Noire et rouge
AZOURY - Le Corset AALYAH Marron
AZOURY - Le Debardeur AALYAH Noir
AZOURY - Les Chaussures Aalyah Marron

AALYAH will be available in:
Jacket : black & orange, black & yellow, black & blue, black & pink, black & green and black & red.

Top : black, blue,violet,orange,green and red

Socks : red ,violet,orange,green,yellow and gray

Short : black,orange,brown,red and blue

AZOURY - Les Chaussures Aalyah

Platform shoes will come in: orange, red, green,brown,yellow, black and blue 

Your Limo to Azoury

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Finesmith Hunt!

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S 
F  R O M 
F  I  N  E  S M  I  T  H

To Celebrate the spirit of the Holiday even more, we are having
an in-store HUNT for  FINESMITH Group Members.
( Group is FREE to join)

Starting now, December 25, 2011, until January 2, 2012 at 12pm
we have set out 13 red ornaments around the store.

Each ornament is priced between 1L and 100L and 
contains a FINESMITH Item of far greater value.

Don't worry, most are big and easy to find!!

ONLY Women's items are included, sorry men!


Your Limo to the hunt

Thursday, December 22, 2011

MVW Sets @ Finesmith

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, stunning and...
...No words to describe the special designs that yula made for these 3 wonderful ladies to show them in they special MVW night.

Draakje Dailey MVW Netherland
was wearing TULIP Jewelry set- necklace bracelet and earrings in purple and diamonds
this set complete her national tulip over look
Also available in 5 other colors or fatpack.

Rusalka Callisto MVW RUSSIA
was wearing FABREGE BROOCH in gold ruby and diamonds
Delicate and detailed brooch to match her lovely gown and capture the spirit of time. 

Laetitia MVW Costa Rica


I'm feeling like a MVW pageant also with this jewels :)

Your Limo to Finemsith

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Azoury News

AZOURY  just moved at LE LOOK SOUTH, therefore, a set of boots with a unique color are at the store entrance ( for a limited time only 150 LS ). 
Available in green, orange, blue, brown and yellow .

AZOURY - Les Bottes Vanda Marron

SOON in the store
Jacket with sculpted pieces and open at the front, smexy!
Mini Skirt to match it and tights, looks great with them or without, make your own combination.

I'm wearing:
AZOURY - La Jupe  Lipope Bleu et Rouge
AZOURY - Le Cardigan Lipope Bordeau et Vert
AZOURY - Le Collant Lipope Bleu
AZOURY - Les Bottes Lipope Rouge

Available colors:
Cardigan : bordeaux & green, blue & green, green, violet & grey and violet & brown.

Tights : grey, red, blue, green, silver & gold and violet .

Skirt : black & grey, blue & green, pink & green, blue & red, green & grey and blue & grey.

Boots: orange, black, red, blue green and brown.

Your Limo to Azoury's New Mainstore that is awesome, but use Mesh viewer to enjoy it 100% :)
Mayhem love Mesh :) and she build a gorgeous Mesh store.

New Skin by LpD and gifty

The Cheri skirt is a group gift that you can find in the past notices if you join LpD group.
Cute skirt with high waist to mix it with your fav LpD top.
*LpD* - *Cheri* Skirt (GROUP GIFT)
*LpD* Skins - *Victoria* Electric
*LpD* - *Madame Bovary* Top Pink (Brooch)
*LpD* - *Madame Bovary* Top Yellow (shirt)
*LpD* - *City Style* Boots Smoke

Your Limo to LpD Main


The latest release in skins from LpD are:

Nice skins with gorgeous colorful makeups.
*LpD* Skins - *Andrea* Snow

*LpD* Skins - *Andrea* Gem

*LpD* Skins - *Victoria* Sea Queen

Your Limo to LpD Skins

Sunday, December 18, 2011

[sYs] Xmas Hunt

❈❈❈  [sYs] CHRISTMAS HUNT ❈❈❈
We wish you a Merry Christmas ⁂

As you were very nice, [sYs] Santa Claus has made 8 gifts for members of [sYs] Design group :

1/8 : NOMADE pants (red) unisex
2/8 : SENTINELLE red - stomp boots (Boot L)
3/8 : SENTINELLE red - stomp boots (Boot R)
4/8 : SENTINELLE red - stomp boots (lower L)
5/8 : SENTINELLE red - stomp boots (lower R)
6/8 : SENTINELLE red - stomp boots (upper L)
7/8 : SENTINELLE red - stomp boots (upper R)
8/8 : NOMADE poncho + hood (red) male + female

But as he was very tired, he filed them around the Mainstore.

The first gift is in the group gift delivery, with a hint for find the next gift.
You can join the [sYs] Design group at the same place.

Good Christmas Hunt at all !!!

Your Limo to [sYs]

[sYs] team 
Systi Cisse - Syane Cisse 
[sYs] Founders & Designers

[sYs] Manager : Vixie Rayna

[sYs] Customers Service : Systi Cisse

[sYs] Public Relations: Posh Slade & Elyna Carver
[sYs] Contests : Arialee Miles
[sYs] Blog : Journey Lorakeet

[1] SL Marketplace - Purchase Our Items Direct via the Web!@

[2] Visit Our Website:

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finesmith Gift and News

Hi :) more lovely gifts from Finesmith, this is gorgeous, Earrings and Necklace Frozen Tears
Activate your Tag and the gift is near all the cute gifties.

(All on sale for 250L a piece)
A few of the amazing white pieces

A looooot of more jewels to choose, gifts, sales and new releases!

Your Limo to Finesmith

Michelle by Agnes Finney

Michelle is the latest creation of Agnes Finney.
An elegant cocktail dress with a high waist skirt and a lace top with big ruffled arms.

Same dress is available in gown version.
Stunning long skirt, perfect for the holidays.
Flexy and soft skirt, long, just amazing.

Check all the nice options of gowns that you can wear for this holidays in My Precious and also take a look to the goodies.

Your Limo to My Precious

Poses by Manifeste
Jewels by Finesmith (group Gift)

Friday, December 16, 2011

More News from Vero Modero

Another must have release from Vero Modero is this gorgeous and comfy coat, 
perfect for this cold season
Available in different colors.

VERO MODERO / Savas Boots (they come with the Savas Set)
VERO MODERO / Maalik Suit Pant

Previous releases from VeroModero, from her Circus Collection
Vero Modero Maalik Mujer

Vero Modero Savas Set

Don't forget to visit Vero Modero to see all the gorgeous designs that Bouquet have for us and take your gifts, your Limo

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Xmas @ Purple Moon

Christmas store is open and you can get a lot of nice decorations for your lovely place like:
Xmas Trees in different shapes, color and lights, Twinkle lights, Wreaths, Candles,
Snowmans, Santas, Mats, Pine Tree bases, Snow Emitters,
Angels, Flowers, Apple Candy, Penguins, Poinsetias,
tabble runners, hurricanes and more.

Frames, tables and Xmas dinner is served:
Ganished Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, apple sauce, 
apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, strawberry pie,
hot chocolate, coffee, wine sets, champagne.

Your Reindeer to Purple Moon Xmas Store

(not touch this lol, is just inworld ;)

Purple Moon Xmas Custom have a nice selection of personalized items like:
Stockings in different colors and sizes, for adult avis, kids or tinies and pets.
Cards, gift boxes, teddy bears and wreaths.

All the info is available at the store and you can order them right now and receive it next day or max 2 days.

Your reindeer to Purple Moon Xmas Custom

And in Purple Moon Store I have the winter gift for any who want to grab it :)
Just go inside the store and touch the small purple moon.

[sYs] Winter Collection

[sYs] WINTER Collection 2011-2012
The winter collection from [sYs] is just unbelievable, take a look what Syane & Sisty just bring to us for these season, I want them in RL!!!



[sYs] NOMAD Outfit
[sYs] SENTINELLE Kamo - stomp boots
[sYs] JESIKA skin (pale)
[sYs] KEIRA  lips  V2 (Gold)

[sYs] YNUIT outift
[sYs] YNUIT - shoes
[sYs] JULY skin (crystal)

Your Limo to [sYs]

My poses are by Morphine
I always forgot to add credit for pose makers lol, so sorry, will do it, just sometimes I try like 200 and forgot wich one I used lol.

Vero Modero Winter & Holiday Collection


For the sexy men
Aviator Set in Red

Winter Coats for the ladies
ESRA Fur Bolero

  Is hard to choose an outfit from Vero, because one is more outstanding than the other, rich textures, gorgeous designs for any occassion, but The Peri Collection is one of my favs,
super elegant, classy and chic with the hat and the long coat is just one to have.

PERI Collection

Elegant La Nuit Gown, nice to celebrate this holidays.

Warm and comfy TWEET Autumn Set

A lot of gifts at the store, like the November ones
November Male Group Gift
November Female Group Gift

More from Vero Modero, soon:)

Your Limo to Vero Modero

Vero Modero Infos:

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