Wednesday, June 15, 2016

TrenDing #321 with Glitter Poses, .::LUNA::., *PC* & Prism

Gorgeous poses from Glitter for the Pose Lover Event,
Portrait Set, perfect for pics and also runway.

.::LUNA::. Body Art Monochromatic SLink Nails for SWANK round.

*PC* have this nice original mesh necklace for the EVA (Eden of Virtual Arts from June 9th for 2 weeks, in different colors and looks very chic.

Prism have this adorable dress in leather, I just love it also for SWANK June round,
following the monochromatic theme.

GP Portrait 4 & 5
.::LUNA::. Body Art - Monochromatic - Nails

*PC* Secrets necklace mauve
Prism Kat Perforated Leather Dress by Journey - Swank Exclusive

Styling Card:
[:ME:] Bea Lip Color (Dark Violet)
MK Eyes Soft Liner Blue by Alge's Designs
Magika - Summer

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Instruments June Round #1

Instruments June Round until June 25th. close at noon.

GP Poses
.::LUNA::. Body Art
:: PM ::

 Lavian&Co-[Catalina] - Nothin' But a Memory Bag 1

.::LUNA::. Body Art - Blooming SLink Nails

GP Poses On the Side
:: PM :: Rune Kimono -all colors-

Styling Card:
Pic 1:
Location: Paris Je T'Aime
Pose by Di's Opera - Distingue 1 - 8
Lips Qork Light Pink by Alge
MK Celestinas Show Black - Alge's Designs
GizzA - Odyssey Watch&Bracelet [Black] Bracelet
I Got Your Number Necklace
Magika - Bad Habit
Pic 2:
Location. Royaume de Versailles
-Belleza- Paige Fair Matte 8
Liners Anubis Black by Alge's Designs
Magika - Out of Breath

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

30/31 #5

30/31 is a bimonthly event, that is managed and ran by Windlight Magazine .
This event show the creations of artists in RL and/or SL,
showing their unlimited creativity with works of art,
from Jewelry, to paints, sculptures and more.
This event is designed to promote 2D, 3D, and decorative arts and to introduce people to the amazing artists of Second life! The goal is to bring people to you!
The event will start every 2 months on 30 or 31st.

More info here.

These are the impressive artists/designers for the next round of 30/31, which will begin on the 31st and end on June 7:

Honey Bender - Bender
Faithrekt Resident - Rekt Outcast Sculpture
Sheba Blitz - Bindu Gallery
Shay McAuley - Myth & RB
Ciana0 Resident - Chiana Oh Gallery
Chloeelctra Resident - alme
ProPose Resident - ProPose Pose Store
Solasnagealai - BMe, BlueMoon Enterprises
Cica Ghost
ByrneDarkly Cazalet - Darkly Gallery
Emmalena Damour - Emmalena Damour's Art Gallery & Photo Studio
Syphera Inaka - Syphotography
Jarla Capalini - Jarla Capalini Art Gallery
Johannes1977 Resident - Windlight Workz, Windlight Art Gallery, & Epic Chromatic
Eleseren Brianna - The Edge Gallery
Journey McLaglen & Lam Erin - Prism Designs

You can get this amazing Art works until today, so RUUUUNNNN!!!


:Journey McLaglen of Prism

Sometimes there are parts of us we must leave behind. This painting depicts a female's upper torso holding onto the part of her she leaves behind. Their hands form a heart. Life pours from them in the form of red leaves shaped like hearts as if to show growth and in the process we always carry and share part of all of our experiences. The red hair and lips signify the life blood that tints and renews the desert around them.

 Prism Gwinny Gown by Journey - Butterfly

Heart Embers by Journey

Your Limo to get the artwork of Journeu McLaglen


Emmalena Damour

This is an art Photograph taken of some blossoms on a tree that have the sun coming through the leaves and shining on the blossoms. The photograph was taken in early evening.

Sun Kissed can be acquired here.


Chiana Oh

Uploaded to SL for the first time, this is from a series I started a few years back ('All A Bit Fuzzy') where I played around with a familiar phrase; the inspiration for this one being the title of a volume of Alice Walker's beautiful poetry (and she in turn was quoting John Fire Lame Deer.)

I didn't make many in the end but this was one of my favourites as I liked the idea of the horses taking matters into their own hooves and literally beautifying some of my city's less attractive corners!

»Original Artwork«
Mixed media comic-style panel using my own rl photo, and felt cut-outs.

»Original Mesh«
Made by me in Blender.

by Chiana Oh - 'horses make a landscape..' -Picture-
<3 p="">can be acquired here.􀀅

Sunday, June 5, 2016

.PENUMBRA. SS16 FW Featured #5


Your Last minutes to shooooooop!!!

Featuring today:
! Glitterati !
Virtual Diva

-Culco- Violet Gown

! Glitterati ! - Sabrina - Ruby - Penumbra Edition

Virtual Diva - Petal Gown

Your Limo to the retail area.

.PENUMBRA. SS16 FW Featured #4


The Fashion Shows are over but you still have time until June 6th
to grab the exclusive designs made for the event and more.

More info here.

Featuring today:
White Room Couture

Myth - Jolie Lime
with the GP Portrait Set - Exclusive June round POSE LOVER

White Room Couture Sensual Simplicity with veil

{Wynd} Beachin' Outfit w/ Red Pants

Your Limo to the retail area.

Styling Card:
Location Pic 1: Small Town of Green
-Belleza- Paige DT Matte 4
{Letituier} Horse Hair - hairbase blond
Arzu Frost 06
MK Eyes Liner up Silver by Alge's Designs
(Kunglers Extra) Metallize bracelet  - Silver
Pic 2:
Location Pic 1: Small Town of Green
Pose by The Muse Poses April Set
-Belleza- Paige Freckles Pale
-Belleza- Paige Fair Matte 8
MK Eyes Liner up Silver by Alge's Designs
Baixa de Cassanje Bracelet
Baixa de Cassanje Necklace
Magika - Summer
Location Pic 3: Small Town of Green
 Pose by The Muse Poses - Yosun 06
Lips Qork Cherry by Alge
(Kunglers Extra) Metallize -  necklace - Silver blue
enVOGUE HAIR - Kimberly Fitted
Ghee Navy Daisy Shades

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