Tuesday, April 22, 2014

TrenDing #177 with Tokyo.Girl

Tokyo.Girl recently released a cute boots with delicate socks that you can hide via HUD, but they looks so lovely so you not want to hide them :)
The boots came in different colors and can resize them.

Tokyo.Girl . Lyke Boots . Purple

I´m also wearing the Ixi Top
that is new and it came with the skirt that I´m wearing in the next pic.
Different sizes for wider or thinner body,
also you have a HUD to change the tone of the top or the skirt.
Tokyo.Girl . Ixi Ruffle Top & Maxi Skirt
(Top in Pink and Skirt in Browns)

Your Limo

Styling Card:
Pic 1: elymode: makeup - heavy liner 4/13 - purple
Pink Acid Juicy Fruit Lips V2 - Purple
MK Celestinas Show Black - Alge's Designs
/Wasabi Pills/ Sunny Mesh Hair - Orchid
A Wee Bit o Easter Big Pearls Prp Necklace
Jewels by ChopZuey New Set:
A Wee Bit o Easter Grn Bangle
A Wee Bit o Easter Grn Earrings
A Wee Bit o Easter Pk Bangle
A Wee Bit o Easter Prp Bangle
Pic 2: blackLiquid MAKEUP -  CANDY SUCK
elymode: makeup - heavy liner 4/13 - purple

Monday, April 21, 2014

[sYs] & Finesmith for the Monochromatic Fair

For The Monochromatic Fair
Opened on April 18th until May 2nd
[s Y s] 
A mesh corset and skirt created in the unique way of [sYs]
in blue and black.

[sYs] EXES Corset & Skirt - for The Monochromatic Fair
F I N E S M I T H 

An out of this world design that includes;
the mesh dress, the stunning hat and the chest jewels.

 F I N E S M I T H - ASTRAL Monochromatic Fair
Styling Card:
[sYs] JESIKA make up V1 (blue)
.:JUMO:. Bronte Black Eyeliner 1
Swoo ~ Blue
MK Celestinas Show Black - Alge's Designs
Pure Poison - Cool Bracelets -
Pure Poison - My Mechanical CatSoul - Necklace
Vanity Hair:Love For Sale

Couturier's Docks April Round

YAY!!! My first post for the Couturie´s Dock like official Blogger since SAVIAD :)

The event starts today and will run until May 17th.
Get the exclusives form the best designers of the grid.


*AD Creations
*Pichi Rich

From AD Creations
an impressive hat, it came in different colors 
and even in white and is matched with the neck collar.

[AD] Hidden primrose BLACK headsress 240
 PICHI - RICH SHIMMER Lip Color [ruby]
From Baoba
a stunning over sized flower hat in blue and yellow tones
matched with the Lipstick from Pichi Rich that comes in different warm red tones.

 Lady Day*** BaObA ***for The Couturier
PICHI - RICH SHIMMER Lip Color [capricious]

I´m also wearing the Bamboo Nail appliers for SLink Hands
Latest release

Thursday, April 17, 2014

TrenDing #176 with [ZE]

New sexy mesh leather dress by [ZE]
 Duo tone with an interesting design.
 Can change color via HUD.

[ZE] Cassidy Dress {LEATHER}
with NEW Vanity Hair:Dreamsome

Your Limo

Styling Card:
.:JUMO:. Bronte Lips Chocolat
.:JUMO:. Bronte Black Eyeliner 1
MK Celestinas Show Brown - Alge's Designs
Bracelet Black [Silver]
Pure Poison - My Mechanical CatSoul - Necklace

TrenDing #175 with ~ghee~ & Vanity Hair

~ghee~ is at The Monochromatic Fair that will start tomorrow April 18th until May 2nd.

~ghee~ created a Monochromatic EXCLUSIVE for the event.

It is a sand-washed silk draped gown with matching thong and hair decoration. It is materials ready. The Lavender gown is exclusive for this event and will not be in the store until the event is over. The gown set will also be available in 7 other colors: gold, grey, white, spring (green), peach, pink, and teal. These 7 colors will be available at the Monochromatic fair as well as the main store.

~ghee~ MONOCHROMATIC FAIR - Lavender Sand washed Silk Drape Gown 

is the newest release from vanity Hair.
I love it, love it, love it.
Long wild hair, looks just FAB!!!

 Vanity Hair: Dreamsome (ligth Blonds)

Your Limo to Vanity Hair

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Oh yes! It is  Showgirl Couture here at CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture and this latest release is called "FABULOUS" because there is simply no other word for it!

Done in a bikini style, this ensemble is anything but simple and easy, it is daring, hot and sexy.  Notice that amazing peacock-feathers collar?  It matches up perfectly with the matching high headpiece that also has gems catching the light nestled amongst the so soft feathers.

Did I mention the bracelets are also included? So there is no reason not to rush out and become "FABULOUS" yourself with this  gorgeous  jeweled masterpiece!

You can find the mesh demo of "FABULOUS" at the CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture main store location. 

Sexy, sparkling and hot, this ensemble has it all and as the weather warms up, it will be a perfect gift for you or a friend so treat yourself and a friend and go grab "FABULOUS" today!

TrenDing #174 with Vanity Hair and Blueberry

Latest hair from Vanity Hair.
Love for Sale.
Unisex and looks super!!!
with the
latest Blueberry leather mini skirt
and the knotted top that is part of a set.

Vanity Hair: Love For Sale- NEW
Blueberry Ave -Mesh- Pleated Skirt - Gold -Brown NEW
Blueberry Missy *Mesh* Knotted Top (Closed) Beige NEW

TrenDing #173 with Azoury

Azoury is participating in 4 events for now, and have the most amazing and exclusive items, like always :) the original and unique mesh creations.

S A N S A  N E C K L A C E
S T A R K  B O O T S

For The Game of Thrones  "The Secret Affair"
 from the 6th April until the 30th of April

The Necklace SANSA it will in a Gacha machine at 75L$

The Boots STARK in a exclusivity at 349L$
Necklace - Sansa (Wood)
AZOURY - Stark Boots (Brown)
AZOURY - Avon Bag (Aget Cabernet) - Mono
AZOURY - Isidore Cat(is to wear but can be deco also)


from April 11th
-Gynoid (new) in two colors ( black and white)
with a limited quantity with 100 copies of each item, all under 150L. 
After this event, the price will be at the regular rate (299L$).

I S I D O R E  C A T  Steampunk

From April 15 to May 10


A  V  O  N    B A G
For The Monochromatic Fair
Opens April 18 until May 02 
Blog: http://wedosl.blogspot.com.br/
AZOURY - Isidore Cat
AZOURY - Avon Bag (Toffee)

Styling Card:
Vanity Hair:Love For Sale- NEW
Blueberry Ave -Mesh- Pleated Skirt - Gold -Brown NEW
Blueberry Missy *Mesh* Knotted Top (Closed) Beige NEW
.:JUMO:. Bronte Black Eyeliner 1
.:JUMO:. Bronte Lips Chocolate

Monday, April 14, 2014

7 Deadly s{K}ins @ Krave Inc.

A brand new event in SL KRAVE inc is already started
and will be until the end of the month.
Freestyle Urban fair and 7 Deadly s{K}ins
have there male and female skins made for the event.

7 Deadly s{K}ins - KRAVEinc FemaleV1 

Your Limo

TrenDing #172 with Glam Dreams

A few days ago I posted the latest release from Glam Dreams,
here is another lovely version of the dress.
 The Set includes the gloves and the flower hat.

Glam Dreams Mara Cream

Your Limo

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