[sYs] new releases

Since I interviewed sYs creators, Syane and Systi I was delighted with this systers in SL and RL, for the passion that they have and for the uncommon and amazing designs that they create in SL, from Skins (I LOVE THEM) to outfits, all are just a piece of art.

For the TRON LEGACY fashion Show organized by Maddox entreprise and Modavia , [sYs] have done a part of them new collection :

 A wonderfull exclusive catsuit  creation for the TRON fashion show 
New cyber collection
Pulsar is coming in 2 different packs:
**Pulsar 1

Pack with body- skirt- necklace 
**Pulsar 2

Pack with a catsuit metal - sunglasses - collar - top - long short - armband - boots
(You can also get them separatly)

*PULSAR Dual skins, to fit perfectly your outfits

*[sYs] Trybe:
For both MALE & FEMALE !!!

*[sYs] INUYT Dual Skins:

AND The new entire SKIN 2011 collection!!
[sYs] skin EPSILON

With tattoo lipstick or make up eyes made especially for EPSILON skin

Eyes make up

Want to see the rest of the collection?
Take the Limo to sYs Store NOW ;)

Second Life Marketplace (Purchase our items directly on the web!) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/fr-FR/stores/48318

Systi Cisse - Syane Cisse 
[sYs] Founders &  Designers
Elyna Carver [sYs] Brand Manager