Are you a Desperate House Wife???

Why not? I'm sometimes lol, just wanna ruuuuuuun, glad I can TP tp SL.
If you are or not is ok, but you always can be one if you like, and Italian Taste helps you to create that look this month with the monthly deal for May.

I enjoyed last month Deal, was a Doll outfit with Hair, Skin and Jewels, I also made a pic that I loved, will show it to you again here, and this month is just hilarious love ittttttt!!!

Last Month Deal

Amazing Designers, the just poop off with their creativity and the results are fantastic.

*The Italian Taste* is the first group of good italian designers united!

We created an event named *Monthly Deal*, every month we will put out some new exclusive creations for only L.50!

The theme of this *Monthly Deal* edition wis Desperate House Wifes!

The event will started Apr. 28th  untill May. 5th

A sexy House Wife, covered with Flour, with bandages lol, a pile of plates on her head, a dog roller, 
Sexy Heels, sexy outfit, jewelry, is a cool idea, can't wait until next month to see what they will create :)

*LpD* - "I'm a housewife" Shoes
*SoliDea FoliEs* Acrobatic Housewife Hat
[Aliza Karu] AD Creations
(Cigarrete, Earrings, Flour Tattoo, Plaster & Red Glasses)
[WAP Design] Desperate housewife Outfit

The shops involved in this first edition are:


Wap Design

AD Creations

Italica interior design

Solidea folies

For the table you have 2 options: Rolling lol :) and Sit on it, both are so cool.
Kitchen table with dough - by Italica I.D.

Hurry still have time to get all this and have fun wearing it and waiting for you partner at home lol :)