Dahlia by Azoury

Happy Saints Day :)
A relaxing rainy day at home but woking in my blog and in SL :)

Tomorrow, Nov. 2nd, you can get the newest outfit from Azoury
La Tenue Dahlia

Long sleeve shirt with a high cut short, stockings with holes in one leg and the boots,
sexy, sexy and sexy :)

Another great mix&match from Azoury that includes:
Shirt, Short, Legging and Boots.

Available Colors: Shirt:  black, blue, brown, red and orange
Short : violet, red, brown and blue
Legging : black, brown red and blue
Boots : red, blue, yellow, orange, green and pink

And the amazing November Gift
Cadeau Azoury

Your Limo to Azoury

Aubepine Jean Boots only at XYROMM Azoury

Dahlia Camel Boots @ Le Tropicalia Bazaar

You are cordially invited to attend a grand week long fashion event.  
AZOURY Show date - Wednesday 2 November - 11 AM SLT