My Precious @ The Culture Shock

Agnes Finney have this just outstanding Gown for the Culture Shock.
Like always the Gown is soft, romantic, sweet,
nice flower textures in the long soft flexy skirt and a cute hat to match with a big lovely flower.
 Agnes Rosey My Love
 Your Limo to the Culture Shock

My Precious have a new location;
To celebrate it the group enrollment fee has been lowered by 50%.
From today to 11 May midnight.
A special Devotion gown is sold for VIP for 10L also, available til 11 May midnight.
   Price will go up later.
 Please be reminded that store credit cannot be used to buy this item.
Take your Limo to the New store

Styling Card:
Hair by Vanity
Nails by Mandala
Shoes by N-Core