Halloween @ Purple Moon

Halloween Store is ready and filled with the most cute, scary, 
spooky and bloody products to decorate your place.

Candles, Balloons, ghosts, witches, frames, rugs, brooms, trees,
pumpkins, Jack'O Lanterns...

 New Mesh Ghosts!
Flying around or just deco, they are super :)

Garlands, skeletons, emitters, apple candy, decorations,
banners, haunted fields, mummies, brew, cats, bats, bloody items...

 Haunted Church is open near Halloween Store.

Ghosts, graves, hell, witch, frames, candles, spider webs,
bloody items and more to have fun and decorate.

New @ Purple Moon
Mesh cats in different colors to choose.

Group Gifts:
Purple Moon gift at the store
(no need group, just touch the moon)
Purple Retro Cat Moon 

Purple Moon inworld and subscriber gift

New subscribers gift:
Autumn Sculpted Pumpkins Wreath

Your Broom to Purple Moon Decorations

Your Broom to Halloween Store

Your Broom to Haunted Church