Peace on Earth 5 Hunt is Open (POE5 #1)

The Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt is my gift back to Second Life. The purpose of POE is to provide a wonderfully joyous experience to showcase many talent designers, across a variety of communities, bringing them all together during this most festive season. There are sponsors who have generously donated their advertising and there is no fees charged to any involved. We have never or will we ever ask for lindens, what you will find yourself collecting are “gifts” from some very generous and creative people.  This global event has participants from all parts of the world. Designers may share gifts that represent customs of how they celebrate their own traditions.  Please take the time to remember these gifts took time to make and are special to us.
I want to thank you all for your participation and hope you pass along good cheer with all those you meet on the path, by thanking the designers who have given so generously and offering help to other hunters. Angels are watching over you … Have a safe and happy holiday season and enjoy the hunt!

Sequoia Nightfire
Creative Founder of POE and Owner/Designer of SEQUOIASTYLE

For more info and hints;

From today I'll start to blog for you all the 200, yes you read well TWO HUNDRED things to search and find, exclusive creations from the best designers of the grid, from hair, poses, outfits to furniture!

 The creations that I show you here are from:
SEQUOIASTYLE - Holiday Snowbird Necklace & Earrings
[BLUSH] Selma Skin Pale - Nude
Tres Beau "Rudolph"  Christmas 2012
PRIME furniture- Desk, Chair and Frames.

Your start point will be at

There are a couple ways to get to each store. First use the landmark in each globe as you do them in order or if the landmark in the globe to the next store is not working properly you can Click on the globe number in this list to get a map slurl to the next globe’s store location.