Couch Talks with Bouquet Babii

Looooong time I not do an interview for my blog and I think is time to do it again, I promise will be more often I need to have a balance in all my SL and focus in more things and not just 1 or 2, so here we go.

Miss Bouquet Babii is the sweet designer of [Vero Modero], a woman with passion, dedication, love, hard work and a heart of gold.
I have the honor to meet her a long time ago and recently can be the [VM] Miss Mutya 2013.

˜ How did you knew about SL and since when you joined?
I came across Second Life in a magazine article on gaming and virtual worlds and I knew it was
something that I wanted to be involved in. So I created an account and plunged in, I'm here since 2007.

˜ Why you decided to create Vero Modero?
I’m a graphic designer in real life and I think there is a lot of opportunity in expressing one’s fashion visions in Second Life.

Clothes for me are a way of communicating with my surrounding. My designs are casual, practical and comfortable with some urban sophistication. The personality of my designs constantly grows with my style. High-value, handmade and unique textures as well as unconventional cuts compound subtle feminity with simplicity, that is the description of a typical VERO MODERO creation.

˜ How you see SL Fashion and why you started in SL Fashion industry?
The idea of designing in Second Life® attracted me. Well I love fashion and I love to shop! I always get excited in expressing my vision of fashion and seeing people wearing my creations. Coming in SL to work on my fashion designs brings me a feeling of joy. I also hope to contribute through my designs in making this virtual world better. I love the freedom of SL which allows me to express myself in my designs.

    I always had a strong desire to look a certain way and dress a certain way and stand out somehow. I am extremely shy type of person and clothing was something that drew attention to me and made people talk to me so I wouldn't have to start  conversations.

 ˜ One of the things that I adore from [VM] is the team, the amazing people behind the brand and how all work in harmony together, tell me about them.
 I am so grateful that I have an amazing team, from the creative designers, to events and hunt team, to my marketing team up to my customer service team. Fuzz Lennie, my Chief Operation Manager is in charge of the business side and she is on top of all the operation and all i do is just create new designs

I treated everyone as my family. If a drama comes along the way, we just laugh and just go back to our daily task.

 ˜ Please tell us what are the essential elements to being a successful designer.  Do you have any advice for aspiring designers?
Start making your own clothes!  You have to start learning on your own, that's how you're going to develop something that's all yours and unlike anyone else's. If you want to have your own clothing line the best thing to do is start wearing your clothes and having your friends wear your clothes. At the beginning, you have to promote yourself because most likely no one else is going to do it.

 ˜ From were comes your inspiration?
Inspiration always comes from the things that move you, something that blossoms and evokes a different feeling which you never felt before. Anything can move me from a particular design, a color, song, movie or a situation. My inspiration comes from everyday life. Usually I am inspired by shapes and colours, a certain colour can evoke many different levels of feelings. It carries many emotions, from being a symbol of evil, menace and sorrow to representation of power and sophistication.

 ˜ What you will do if SL ends today? How will affect you?
I have my own company in rl and we have social media works and graphic agency. Still we are working for this and that's why sometimes i disappear from here.
If one day SL ends I will continue my RL works but of course I'lll miss my friends and all customers. Btw I feel so lucky to meet these great people and match in that dream world.

 ˜ You think that you already reached the top?
Is there any "top" here ? :)  I m sure only the customers know who is top or not.
We only care and work for their happiness and fun.

 ˜ How you balance your SL and your RL?
My life is designing and i m creating or working with computer all day. And I'm so organized people. I never have any problem since 2006.
I'm typically a pretty friendly person. Normally I try to respond to anyone who IM's me. Should I not respond to that IM's, there is probably a legitimate reason... Such as:

1. I'm simply AFK.
2. I'm busy in PS.
3. I'm working for rl projects at same time

 ˜ What we can expect from Bouquet Babii and [VM] for this 2013.
This year, as usual, still listening to the voice of our customers for enjoy this life will help to enjoy them more.
Of course we'll creating, creating and creating with passion and joy.

 I just can say thank you to this amazing woman for take a little of her busy life and dedicate it to answer these questions and all can know a little more about her.

Thank you so much sweet Bou, from my heart.

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