Les Poup's by AZOURY

AZOURY is one of the brands that I love in SL a lot, 
Mayhem is a sweet adorable lady and she creates so amazing things,
this one is no exception is so fuuuuuun and lovely!!!
Azoury is special for me I blog for her almost since of my modeling and blogger beginnings.

Her new creation is this adorable avatar, is so fun to use and be around, sometimes we are tired of our look and this is a 360 twist :)

Azoury launched 3 different ones, same shape but different skin,
with different colors of eyes, the basic came like you see her here;
sin, shape, antena, eyelashes, 5 color of eyes and outfit.

Les Poup's by AZOURY (Lilly France)

Les Poup's by AZOURY (Lilly May)
Les Poup's by AZOURY (High Heels ) Pink (SOLD separated)
Les Poup's by AZOURY (Top+Pants ) Purple (SOLD separated)

POUP'S Lilly Rose
Les Poup's by AZOURY Ear Muffs  Nature (SOLD separated)
Poup's - Playsuit (Black and Yellow) (SOLD separated)

Azoury only sell in the MP