Favorite Blog/Blogger in the "Avi Choice Awards"

Totally shocked in the good way :D, I got a link to vote for a friend in the "Avi Choice Awards", 
I start to perv and vote here and there, then came the "Favorite SL Blog/Blogger" category, 
I start to read it to see for who I will vote, my surprise??? 
My name is on it OMG OMG and OMG!!!

 I never imagine that WOW I'm delighted, happy, excited thank you for the ones who nominated me, I never thought that I´ll be there :D is such and honor and is just AMAZING!!! still can´t believe it, the hard work and the love that I have for my readers and followers is showed, thank you so much for be part of my SL and like my crazy little blog 

I LOVE YOU ALL ALWAYS!!! won or not I was nomitated so YAY!!!

If want to vote hehe here is the link :P


Thank you to each of you who follows me, reads me, re-post my post, without any of you, this nomination is not possible, I have tears now of happiness, the best xmas gift ever!!!