Lua by Yokana

Another "Lua" Dress in the grid :D

Feeling so honored that designers choose me to have my name in their creations.
This time the sweet Yokiana named a gown after me, when I ask her why? 
she told me:" I went to my friends list and saw your name and like it".
So I´m happy having a name that is "likeable" and that she have me in her friends list :P

The "Lua Gown" is a nice mesh long dress with semi transparent flexy panels and a stunning little flowers detail in the chest and back.

 YK - Lua Noir Gown

We had a Fashion Show for Yokana yesterday
and I walked my Lua Dress and this that I showing you,
she have a lovely line of outfits based in comics and boho style.
YK - Mini Boho Chic Dress

Your Limo

Styling Card:
Pic 1:
.:JUMO:. Bronte Black Eyeliner 1
MK Celestinas Show Pink - Alge's Designs
::JOLI:: Matte Velvet Lipstick - Pink
(epoque hair) Pristine - Genetic
ChopZuey Jewel Set Fascination
N-core OMEGA "Black"
Pic 2
elymode: makeup - heavy liner 4/13 - blue
.:JUMO:. Bronte Black Eyeliner 1
Pink Acid Sunshine Lipstick - Orange
MK Celestinas Show Black - Alge's Designs
*Milk* Hair~ Star Child
Blueberry Sherlie *Mesh* Boots Blue
EarthStones Fly With Me Friendship Ring
EarthStones Groovy Peace Earrings - Multi
EarthStones Groovy Peace Necklace - Multi
EarthStones Zaia Slave Bracelet-CitrineSpectrolite-Elegant