TrenDing #192 with Azoury and OrsiniRed

 The"Fashion Instruments Event" is started on June 1s.

Azoury have this unique mesh shoes in different colors.
AYA Shoes are only compatible with JD flat feet.
You can get the feet here.

For The Dark Style Fair, From May 17th to June 7th
Still have 2 fays to run :) and get the IGIT Sunglasses in different colors.

 AZOURY - AYA Shoe - Light Wood - with white and Dark strips
Sunglass - IGIT (Black - Yellow)

OrsiniRed newest outfit in suede for The Fantasy Market
Top, bottom, bracelets and necklace included.

OrsiniRed Breathe Me Outfit Suede

Styling Card:
[sYs] FATAL make Up - lipstick (gold)
Vanity Hair:Minerva HP-Vainille