Relay for Life 2014

I just now realized that today July 12th I have, how I say it...
"Happy Blog Rez Day"
4 years ago I did my first post in my blog, after create it in a blogging class.

Can´t believe that passed so fast,

Thank you once again to all who made this possible;
my loyal readers, followers, the ones who pervs sometimes :)
to the designers because with out them, what I post???

Thank you to all who share with me this experience that I enjoy and adore so much!!!

Happy 4 years together :D

What a better way to celebrate it, than showing you a stunning, elegant and chic gown that Luana Barzane from [AM] created specially for the RFL 2014 and the surprise for me,
she name the gown after me :)))) what a better present,
Obrigada Querida Luana!

You still have time to get it, a few left and give your support for the cause.

We have a very special show and I go after to take pics because was so different,
we literally walked in the walls.

[AMARELO MANGA] - Miss Lua Vendetta Gown for RFL

Your Limo