TrenDing #278 with Azul & Chop Zuey

 Is impossible be wrong when you combine Azul with Chop Zuey.
This stunning new gown from Azul is pure beauty with delicate details, mesh gown with flexy parts,
the impressive detail in the belt that match the headpiece (I´m not wearing it in the pic)
and combined with Chop Zuey latest release, an exclusive set made for Miss Quan for the Miss SL
that includes the breathless necklace, earrings, bracelets, ring and the headband all filled with delicate flowers and gems.

 -AZUL- K'aalogii /Sakura (Limited 100)

ChopZuey MissSL Quan Am Set w/ Headband

Styling Card:
Pose by Posesion Classic
Location: SaNaRae Heaven Ocean
Swallow Judi Lipstick 01 Medium
MK Celestinas Show Black - Alge's Designs
/Wasabi Pills/ Irene Mesh Hair - Seafoam