30/31 #4

Another great expression of SL Art is presented by Artemis,
creating 3D objects in human form

About the author:

"I'm Artemis and as my name says I come from Greece. 
I'm a restless person and I love to create things in RL too.

I joined SL 2.5 years ago and the unlimited possibilities of this world attracted by spirit. I first started my creations by building Greek houses but soon enough I discovered that that was not the way I wanted to express myself. 

My statues capture moments of life where humans express themselves.  Some of them are inspired by the beauty of ancient Greece. Very recently I was proudly invited to create some of the statues adorning the Royal Opera & Gardens.

I'm not an expert in graphics since my RL profession has nothing to do with arts and I had to study hard to learn how to use programs such as Blender or Photoshop for my work . But I keep going and I keep learning cause that makes me happy.

So far I've joined the Builders Brewery Relay for Life Art Auction and the Windlight Magazine Artist's Fellowship program. 

30/31 item 􀀁  some words: As i very much enjoy visiting the amazing fashion stores in sl, I thought what a better idea than a woman in gown as a decor in one of them...

You're welcomed to see my work at:

You can also visit my marketplace store.

*AC* Woman makes the world go round

You can find this and other amazing art, here and also the exclusive one made for the 30/31 Event.