30/31 #6

30/31 is a bimonthly event, that is managed and ran by Kultivate Magazine.
(Windlight Magazine has re-branded and is now Kultivate Magazine)

This event show the creations of artists in RL and/or SL,
showing their unlimited creativity with works of art,
from Jewelry, to paints, sculptures and more.
This event is designed to promote 2D, 3D, and decorative arts and to introduce people to the amazing artists of Second life! The goal is to bring people to you!
The event will start every 2 months on 30 or 31st.

More info here.

These are the impressive artists/designers for the next round of 30/31,
which will begin on the 31st and end on August 7:


Art by Saul
BMe, BlueMoon enterprise
Paragorn Art Gallery
F Gallery
alme. by ChloeElectra
Prism Designs and Journey Dream Gallery
Prism for Men and Lam's Art Gallery
Celestinas Weddings
3DPlus Designs
the pink salon.
The Edge Gallery of Fashion Imagery
Windlight Art Gallery
Windlight Workz


Journey McLaglen of Prism

"The Empty Chair" by Journey McLaglen is an digital art on canvas, can be acquired for 531L$

can be acquired here

Detail of the painting.


Emmalena Damour

"This is created from a photograph I took of a lilac branch. I then took it into paint.net and into another software graphics program and manipulated the lilac photo into this Abstract Lilac Watercolor."

Abstract Lilac Watercolor by Emmalena Damour

Detail of the painting.

Can be acquired here