RYR19 #3

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DFS (Sponsor) Part I
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and the limited and exclusive items for RYR.

What is DFS?

Digital Farm System (DFS) is an amazing new farming simulation system on Second Life (SL), which allows player experience the depths of farming life by planning their farming goals, breeding different types of farm animals, and grow their own crops, plants and trees.  The DFS community uses the system in various ways to further enhance their (SL) experiences.

We have many DFS users conduct trades with other farmers and users in well establish marketplaces and roles playing structures. This creates in world commerce to further supports the role-playing experience and their individual or group goals for DFS.   
In addition, many DFS user enjoy the relaxing lifestyle of farming life and “getting back to nature”.  DFS creators have made every effort to ensure the system can be used in any role plays system and period, from Mayan farmers to post-apocalyptic earth!

The DFS system is intended to be family-friendly and safe for the whole family to enjoy. Therefore, DFS has resizable equipment to fit avatars at any sizes. In addition, several the equipment is sold in regular and tiny size, which is intended for ToddleeDoos, but often use by others to accommodate smaller space or multiple equipment needs.

We are constantly developing new items for the system or changing on the older products to make it a better and more fun experience for all.  DFS works hard to ensure timely updates and fix system issues quickly to guarantee everything runs smoothly.

DFS Main Store