Hats by My Preciouss

Hi :), sorry for not blogging too much these days, but a killing headache makes me mad from more than 7 days :(, but I need to bring to you the latest news from our fav designers, so there you go :)

A lovelly new Collection of Hats was released a few days ago from Agnes Finney:


Beloved Hats available in :
Blue, White, Pink, Light Pink and Mauve.

MP Beloved Hat in White and
Agnes Finney Angel of Hope Gown

 The first publication of My Precious is been released, you can see it here

And to celebrate the release of the book, a new dress has been made: 

Agnes Finney S U M M E R  M E M O R I E S

Is a nice long and soft black skirt with a small and cute Top in delicate white lace and puffy sleeves.
I just want to wear this outfit in RL and walk with no shoes in a nice beach in the sunset.

This gorgeous Hat matches perfectly with the outfit, is sold separated but have to use it together because looks amazing :)

Your Limo To My Precious