Ada by Agnes Finney

ADA is a soft elegant Cashmere Jacket, wear it with the shirt or without it, is a must have in your wardrobe.
Ada is available in Beige, Cream, Pink, Red & Gray.

Agnes Ada Jacket Cream
Agnes-Beaute Eyes Brown Sugar (S)

Agnes-Beaute Eyes Dark Ivory (S)


Yes you read it well, Agnes have Eyes now, and they are just gorgeous, take a look to a few of them, realistic ones, lovely colors, just love them, and adore the names that Agnes gived to each eye.

Agnes-Beaute Eyes Brown Sugar (S)

Agnes-Beaute Eyes Blythe spirit (S) (Blue Pack)

Agnes-Beaute Eyes Velvet Touch  (S) (Blue pack)

Agnes-Beaute Eyes Captured Soul  (S) (Green Pack)

Agnes-Beaute Eyes Tender Dance  (S) (Green Pack)

Agnes -Beaute Eyes Naughty Girl (S) (Fantasy Pack)

Agnes -Beaute Eyes Warm Kiss (S) (Fantasy Pack)

Agnes -Beaute Eyes Frozen Romance (S) (Fantasy Pack)

And of course you can't miss the nice goodies, like:
Agnes Finney New Year 1
(for group members)

Agnes Finney New Year 2
(for non group members)

The store book for winter edition has released. 
To find out more about the store and our plans, have a look: 

Your Limo to My Precious