[sYs] Majestic

A lot of news from [sYs], take a looooook:

NEW [sYs] VIXIE Skin (pale) - MAJESTIC - black brow
NEW [sYs] NYMPHE - eyelashes (black)
[sYs] BOMBER - black skirt
[sYs] STARDUST - pullover (female) black

[sYs] VIXIE Skin (pale)-COUTURE (silver)- black brow
[sYs] NYMPHE - eyelashes (black + gem)

[Limited Edition] Vixie Skin - Couture Silver
Exclusive Limited Couture event - 100 special skins are available until sold out - never to be released again. Each skin comes with the brand new Nymphe prim (no alpha) lashes. Check it out before it's gone forever!

The Glam , punk and so fashion platform Boots.
This boots are Unisex and comes on black, red, white on different versions.

NEW [sYs] DOOM boots (black spyker)  (comes in male and female versions)

NEW [sYs] VIXIE Skin (pale) - MAJESTIC - platinum brow
NEW [sYs] DOOM boots (redstar) (comes in male and female versions)
[sYs] ACYD - juicy outfit
[sYs] INQUISITION - short 1
[sYs] Redemption - Socks (Black)
[sYs] ASTRAL - Bracelet

[sYs] created the new sculpted prim lashes called NYMPHE. 
With tons of color options and jewels, it's a must-have lash for any fashionista!


This skin is -50% for a limited time only! Get it before it's gone!
LE.LOOK! exclusive Vixie Majestic Skin :

[Modavia] Fashion Marketing - Exclusive Group Gift - Vixie Skin Noir

AVENUE - Exclusive Group Gift - Vixie Skin Elégante 

BOSL - Exclusive Group Gift - Vixie Skin Azur

[Fashionable Late]  Exclusive Vixie Skin - CHIC only 150L

OMG too many skins and gifts lol :)

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Styling Card:
Hair by Emo-tions & KMad
Poses by DelMai