[sYs] URBAN Collection

Super Happy Today :)
My little angel have B-Day today :)
Te adoro hijita, Feliz Cumple :)
and my both little angels won swiming competitions today,
so  proud of my babies <3333

And now back to work hehe :)

The New Urban Collection from [sYs] is like always all from [sYs]
out of this world!
Extremely detailed mesh outfits, super realistic textures, wrinkles and shadows,
take a look to the part 1 of the post, the pants, top, dress and cute backpack.

[sYs] ATLAS - sarouel F - Vinyl (silver/red) size M
[sYs] HESIOD - shirt F - Vinyl (silver/red) size S
[sYs] KEIRA make up V1 (Red)
[sYs] DOOM - shoes
[sYs] PULSAR Evolution - sounglasses

[sYs] ALTAIS - body (red/black)
[sYs] ATLAS - sarouel F - Vinyl (silver/red) size M
[sYs] TINY 6.0 - backpack (black)
[sYs] YRON - pur - bracelet (right)
[sYs] BABYLON - dress (Vinyl gold) size XS
[sYs] KEIRA  make up V2 (Gold)

Your Limo to [sYs]
Styling Card:
Vanity Hair: Milano-Platinium
[[Loovus Dzevavor]] ~ Hair: Mesozoic Rouge 4w
BAX Prestige Boots Foot