Christmas @ Purple Moon Seasons

Wooot!!! finally I set my Xmas store, worked a loooot these last days to have it all ready!
Is filled with nice and detailed decorations to make your lovely place more nicer.
Please, please, have a little patience, the store have some lag because too many nice textures and a lot of scripts, just wait to rez and enjoy the shopping :)

 Snowman with changeable scarfs and even melted ones.

Pine trees with snow, without, twinkle lights, sculpted ones and simple ones, different colors, modify and copy ones.

Snow emitters in different snowflake textures and colors;
Red, blue, green, gold, pink, purple, white and even black.

Wreaths, garlands and twinkle lights in different colors and themes.

 Lamps, Banners, rugs, frames, candles.

 Special Mesh Owls with nice Xmas fabrics.

Stockings, cookies and milk for Santa, gifts, trees, little angels,
decos with flowers and candles.

 Christmas dinner with turkey, potatoes, apple and cranberry sauce,
pies, hot chocolate, apple candy.

Special Mesh Cats with golden snowflakes.
More new stuff coming these days :)

Custom Store open tomorrow, will have custom Stockings
 for Adults, kids and pets,
custom gift boxes, cards, teddy bears and more.
Always a nice and unique gift.

Subscribers terminal have a new gift.

Your Limo to Purple Moon Xmas