TIPS to clean up your Inventory

I know that a lot know it, but for the ones that are wondering the best way to have inventory clean and in order, there you go :)
Cleaning mine now, taking advantage of the lazy days before start to work like crazy again, will see now is almost 84.000, between blogging, fashion shows and things that I had and buy, inventory grow like crazy, need to keep it in order and clean lol.

Go to a place were you can get comfy, alone lol and can rez.

I have my inventory like this:
I created new folders for:
-Outfits per brands
And inside those folder I created sub-folders, like:
in Shoes: per brand and/or per kind, like boots, heels, pumps.
in Hairs: Updos, long, shorts, etc...
is always better and easier find your stuff if is in some order.

When I receive new items, I try to delete from the folder the LM, any script that not need, like hovering text or animate or join group or floating text or give on touch, etc, NC's and even if they are mesh, that come in 5 diff sizes I just keep the 2 that betters fits my avi, the rest or delete it or box it.

Notecards, I just keep the important ones, and if you need to keep a lot, do this:
-Create a new NC and name it whatever, and inside of that NC put all the NC's that you want to keep (they need to be full perm to can do it), so you not have to have like 100 Nc's out.
I do same with full perm textures that I want to keep, I put them in a NC, when I need to check them, just open the NC and copy the texture.

To clean all the things that you have a zillion times, do this:
do a search for:
Lanmdarks for example a store were you buy a lot, every single folder will have that LM, delete them all, just keep one, you not need 100 Lm's from same place, do this with all the stores that you remember lol.
Scripts, a looot of folders comes with, hover text, floating text, 

Animations, do the same, a lot of folders have animations like, hold box or , 
delete them because they are no mod/no transf so not need it for nothing,

Box old things that you want to keep, but not will use,
rez new boxes, rename them like: old hair or anything, and put inside all that you not want to use, but want to keep and then take it and anytime you can open and use.

Keep the pics that some designers add to the box, like the outfit or hair, is not bad, because you always can check which hair is without wear it, you also can get a texture organizer and put all there and always is ready to check.

Delete the Demo's not need them lol, just if you think to buy it later, when we go to a fair or a store we get a lot of demos and forget to delete them.
Do the same with skins and eyes keep the ones you like and use, the rest shades or tones, box them too.
Nails, keep the ones that fits your hand size, 10's or 20's or the one you use, the rest box or delete.

Hairs!!! everytime we buy hair, comes with hairbase, of course and is normal, but, you not need to have in each folder all the hair bases from same brand.
Do a main folder and call it:
"brand name" hair bases, for example and put there all the hairbases that you have from same brand, and delete all of the rest, you'll see the inventory go dooown in numbers and you have it all in order.

Do same with eyes, normally they come in 5 diff sizes, keep the ones you use more, the rest box it to have it just in case you need them.

Hope that all this tips can help you in a any way :)

Have fun cleaning, I'm still cleaning but feels soooo good ;)