TrenDing #25 with Blueberry

New sexy cut-out jeans by Blueberry.
Spectacular mesh jeans with holes on the sides
in a variety of colors to choose.

Blueberry Alexa *Mesh* Cut-Out Jeans
Blueberry Cindy *Mesh* White Leather Jacket Brown Tshirt

Lovely mesh skirt with changeable color of the belt and zipper,
lot of colors to choose and cool colors to match the belts with HUD.

 Blueberry Lila *Mesh* Skirt Pink

Styling Card:
[sYs] FREEKLES - nose (soft)
[:ME:] Bea Lip Color (Mocha)
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  glow shaddow french roast
:: PM :: Grant Earring Tiger Eye Stones
::Exile:: Best of You:Autumn
aDIVA Couture Beyonce Knit Shirt Black
*LpD* Old Pink
::Exile:: Stay the Night:Autumn
The Whore of Babylon ChopZuey