Capture by Champagne

CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture's new Mesh release, "CAPTURE," has the vintage feel of style and finesse.  Bare shoulders are balanced by a high waistline, culminating into a fit that accentuates the body's silhouette in an enticing manner.  This latest mesh release, "CAPTURE" evokes the spirit of metallic liquid, that embraces and emphasizes the woman.

Extracting the essence of natural beauty, CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture's signature metals and shiny sequins glow along the loose fitting top, that is soothed by the smooth drape of the gown.  In the event you want to give the look a more casual appeal, included are two very detailed bracelets.  Adding to the more formal approach, "CAPTURE", includes a unique and original leaf styled headpiece.

As you have seen in the past the CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture's head designs have been their own masterpieces. The timeless appeal and unique look of the "CAPTURE" headband continues this tradition, wrapping snugly siphoning from the essence of liquid in its feel, before bowing out in a leaf-like manner, giving a bold and beautiful impression. Versatile, the included headpiece can be worn with a variety of other styles and designs, thus enhancing your wardrobe.

Mesh demos of CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture's new release, "CAPTURE," are available at the mainstore location. This design is offered in Purple,Green, Blue, Black, Bronze and Gold. Remember that each couture gown also includes bracelets, and the stylish headpiece, so be sure to collect them all!  Exquisitely modeling the collectible as seen, is the sensational Miss Carilynn Ohare!

Be sure to make your way to CHAMPAGNE! sparkling couture, to collect the latest mesh release "CAPTURE!" With a variety of colors to choose from, you are certain to find this stylish design perfect for you when you desire a more sophisticated approach.
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