MANGA FAIR is officially closed, but maybe if you run, still have time to get some stuff, 
I had to do this last pic because are sooo many fun stuff that I not had time to post :D

Also I have to thank ρяἶηcєѕѕ ღ for this Kawaii event,
was super and different, I adore to blog in SL,
I try to blog all that I receive for an event, fair, designer, etc,
but Manga Fair was an endless rain of things to blog and was hard blog all,
sorry for the designers I missed, but if you will have your things in your store I´ll post them :)

This is my last pic for the event and is a funny one :)

[.LAYOVER.] Neko Kat Helmet [Moon-G]
.PANIK. The Kawaii Eyes - Wings - Rose
Candy Striper Purple Shoe's
Kaithleen's Manga Pants - Plum
Ninety -  Milk   Sweater Mesh