ghee at Vintage & Cool Fair

The Vintage & Cool Fair ends October 24th,
so still have time to ruuuun and get the super cool outfits from ghee,
I´m on my way now!

If vintage is your thing, you must check out the new, super-cool 60`s Mod Collection.
Shiny vinyl separates to mix and match, cute mini dresses, gogo boots, ballet flats, hats, goggles, nails, handbags, thermals, slink applier tights, belts....most with texture change HUDs in a fantastic range of clear, bright colors. 
Also have 10 fine art patterned mini tunics available. 
There's a 10L gift for you to collect at the ghee store too!
 ghee Vinyl Slicker GoGo Boots
ghee 60s mod cherry tights
ghee Unbroken Line Casual Turtleneck Mini

What are you waiting???

Your Limo