One of the things that I most like from *PC* is the art in each creation.
Trinity made the textures herself and each one is an inspiration,
is a pleasure wear her outfits filled with stories and special meanings.

Chemistry is not an exception, is a nice simple long strapless gown with gloves, and jewel for the head and details for the arms, but the nicest detail is in the fabric.

The gowns textures are inspired from natural 
materials all around the nature (water, ice, rain, grass, rust etc )

*PC* Chemistry gown Rain

Styling Card:
[KOOQLA] Shake Lipstick 02
.Pekka. Metalic under eyeliner - Green
Clawtooth: A Little Soul - Bombshell Blonde
EarthStones Siobhan Necklace - Moldavite