TrenDing #255 with Blueberry

Going NUUUTTTS!!!!

Never happened that I´m so away from SL and blog, but now not just the moving thing (btw today moved more stuff, how we can have sooo many things OMG!!!)
now I also got bronchitis so awesoooomeee YAY!!! grrrrrr damn lol

Anyway, will try to update all during the next days also because mini holidays on the way, no class for kids for 3 days so time to do a little around and have fun with them :)

One of the latest releases from Blueberry that I adore!!!
is this mesh dress in satin with pearl belt in the hip
and both can be managed via HUD to change the colors.

Blueberry Erica - Mesh - Satin Dresses & Pearl Belts

Your Limo to Blueberry

Styling Card: 
MK Celestinas Show Black - Alge's Designs
BAX Regency Boots Black Leather