The Search for Miss AZUL 2015 continues!

Do you have what it takes?

Miss AZUL 2015 represents a career defining opportunity to become one of the most highly respected, recognised & sought after avatars in SL Fashion.

You, the selected candidate will become the face and representative of a RL Japanese business based within the Virtual World of Second Life.

You will represent a Trans-Pacific Japanese Fashion House based in the SL fashion industry which is unparalleled in its Popularity and Longevity with exposure to an established INWORLD GROUP of approximately 24,000 members and business ESTABLISHED 8 years ago in 2007.

-AZUL- has been associated with & launched the career of the vast majority of the most highly regarded & established avatars in SL.

It is one the few brands to make the crossover from a Japanese to Western audience and which to this day maintains its position as fashion forward brand leading the way in creativity at the forefront of SL Fashion.

    Miss AZUL 2015 poster by Magissa Denver: 

    Video by NicoleX Moonwall:
 AZUL Mainstore


The Miss AZUL 2015 will:
    1. Receive first prize totalling value L$250K Lindens consisting of L$50K and -AZUL- clothing (Monetary Value according to SL Marketplace of L$200K)
    2. Reign as Miss AZUL for 2015
    3. Receive a custom Tiara made by Virtual Impressions
    4. Have a beautiful dress named after her
    5. Be promoted through -AZUL- inworld groups which contain approximately 24,000 members
    6. Receive all -AZUL- new releases during her reign
    7. Be Featured in an 8 page editorial spread in Ferosh October A/W’15 Edition
    8. Be interviewed and photographed for the ModeLS Magazine
    9. Be interviewed and photographed for the VERSUS Magazine
    10. Receive an invitation to the Versus Magazine & Agency as Model

The First Runner Up will:
    1. Should any unforeseen circumstances arise and the Miss AZUL 2015 is unable to fulfil her role, then the First Runner Up will fill this position and will reign as Miss AZUL 2015 for the remainder of the contract
    2. Receive a Cash prize of L$20K plus 10 -AZUL- items

The Second Runner up will:
    1. Receive a Cash prize of L$10K plus 10 -AZUL- items

The April 2015 Audition Finalists will:
    1. Be photographed for the ECLIPSE Magazine

The June 2015 Audition & Public Vote Finalists will:
    1. Be photographed for the ECLIPSE Magazine


All applicants must meet the following criteria:

    – Must have an active Flickr account
    – Own an Active Blog – three (3) posts per month at a minimum
    – Like the -AZUL- by Mami Jewell  Facebook page
    – For the duration of the Miss AZUL contest, please include a pick to the -AZUL- mainstore in your profile.

We also encourage and invite you to join our -azul- inworld group as all information about Miss AZUL 2015 will be sent out through this group and you will also receive notifications of incredible group gifts and our new releases.

Schedule of Events:

▬ [ Phase 1 ] March Submission
    March 1 – 10, 2015

▬ [ Phase 2 ] May Submission
    May 1 – 10, 2015

    1. Another round opens for photo entries. Please submit two (2) photos of yourself wearing -AZUL- at a minimum size 512×512 (one headshot and one full length) to the Miss AZUL 2015 Flickr Group . Please name the pictures “Miss AZUL May 2015 submission – Your full SL name”. In the description, please include the name of the -AZUL- outfit you are wearing.
    2. Submit the online application form. Please note that your application will be accepted and submitted for review by the judges only if both steps 1 and 2 have been successfully completed.
    3. Fifteen (15) applicants will be selected from the entries and they will be required to walk at a live casting show on Sunday 21st June 2015 at 1pm SLT. Please note that entries submitted only between 1st and 10th May 2015 will be reviewed.
    4. Three (3) rehearsals will be arranged on June 19th and 20th and each semi-finalist has to attend at least one (1) of them.
    Six (6) contestants will be selected by a panel of judges and will be invited to the Miss AZUL Official Group with a group tag “Finalist”.
    -AZUL- by Mami Jewell reserves the right to remove any photos that do not comply with the above requirements.

▬ [ Phase 3 ] Public Poll
    June 22 – 26, 2015

    Following the results announcement of the six (6) June 2015 Finalists, an online public poll will open, in order to select the last three (3) Finalists who will participate in the challenges and finals of the Miss AZUL 2015 contest.
    Please note that the three (3) Finalists may be Semi-Finalists from the March 2015 and/or May 2015 Entries Rounds. This will solely depend on the number of votes each candidate received while the poll remains open. In the event of a “tie” between candidates, the Live Audition points will be used to determine which candidate will be be accepted as Finalist.

▬ [ Phase 4 ] 1st Challenge and Interview
    *July 2015

    Fifteen (15) Finalists have ONE (1) month to create a portfolio of work dedicated to -AZUL- Blog/Flickr/Facebook which must last 1 month
    *August (Early)
    Interview with panel of Judges

▬ [ Phase 5 ] 2nd Challenge
    *August 2015

     Fifteen (15) Finalists have ONE (1) month to prepare – quest will be given at that time

     *August (End)

     Presentation by Finalists and Interview with panel of Judges

▬ [ Phase 6 ] FINALS
    *Final Walk – Sunday 27th September 2015 at 1pm SLT.

    After the finale walk, the points gained throughout the contest will be added up and Miss AZUL 2015 will be announced.

Miss AZUL 2015 Media Partners, Sponsors & Other Partners:

    ECLIPSE Magazine -
    Ferosh Magazine -
    ModeLS Magazine -!about1/c1ryx
    VERSUS Magazine -
    Virtual Impressions Jewelry
    Denver's Studio Photography
    NicoleX Moonwall Video Services
If you have any questions regarding Miss AZUL 2015 please contact:
    ChloeElectra Resident  

Social Media:

    -AZUL- on Facebook:
    -AZUL- on Flickr [Releases]:
    -AZUL- on Flickr [Your Posts!]:
    -AZUL- on Pinterest:
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Terms and Conditions:
You agree by submitting an application, that AZUL by Mami Jewell inclusive of all social & visual media groups on the internet & groups within Second Life of which AZUL by Mami Jewell owns or is a member of is permitted to use all submitted pictures throughout the competition in any way the company considers appropriate.