Oki, this is soooooo exciting for me, is  a dream come true!!!
Be in the vendors for a new release of Champagne is just AMAZING!!!
Thank you so much Enzo for this and Tyra for let me walk this amazing creation
in The Fantasy angels Show 2015.
Of course I´m adding all the vendors, so you can see the colors and the amazing work of Enzo doing them :)

I like to copy the NC of the release from Enzo, 
because who else than him can describe this celestial outfits :)

  Just when you thought that angels couldn't get any hotter, look again!  Ladies, if you seek angelic sweetness mixed with hot sensuality, then look no further!  CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture releases GILDED -- couture that will reveal your heavenly figure while raising the blood pressure of everyone who looks at you!

With dazzle, dazzle, and more dazzle, GILDED was recently unveiled on the runway during The Fantasy Angel's astounding Fashion Show 2015, Second Edition! Now you can own the rich saliciousness that GILDED provides.

GILDED's corset is multi-textured and feverishly fabulous!  The bra cups are covered in shiny spike embellishments -- both dangerous and seductive!  An alluring mesh thong is included.

Also included are a pair of cuffs with both glittering gems and spikes.  The audicious shoulder pieces, also containing gems and spikes, are both eye-catching and flashy.

The wings are so gloriously realistic in their textured detail that you will swear you can see the individual feathers.  

To complete this stunner, a headpiece made of chains, gemstones, and a single protruding unicorn horn -- lies flat against and adds the perfect finishing touch to the forehead.  Besides enthralling angels, use the headpiece and other pieces from GILDED to mix-and-match Greek mythological looks (the winged horse, Pegasus, would be proud!).

  Top Model, the stunning Lua Vendetta (MVW Venezuela 2014; Miss Vero Modero 2013), is featured on our Vendors for GILDED!  Available in Black, Gold, Pink, Red, Silver, and White.

GILDED is so very intricate its textures and design that you really must see it in person to appreciate all it has to offer.  

A mesh demo is available for you to try.  
Fly over to CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture today where GILDED awaits!

Enzo Champagne

for a glittering life!

Your limo with Champagne