TrenDing #338 with enVOGUE & Ghee

enVOGUE newest hair is this nice long hair,
JANELLE Hair - Fitted & Rigged Mesh
This hairstyle is available in 96 colors, root & OMBRE colors, and can be changed via HUD.
Also check this amazing notice:

enVOGUE Hairstyle Studio is taking part of this awesome new event with 50% off on all packs there! Until October 31st - Linden Lab is hosting a shopping event that is sure to liven any dead man’s party! With frights and delights from some of Second Life’s best designers at deals that seem simply insane - this party central for all things Halloween - is your one stop shop ( ‘til you drop!)

Costumes, accessories, decor, and much more await you and your friends in this mysterious haunted village. I dare you to venture the cobblestone paths and see what the vendors have in store for you.

Ghee @ the Boho Culture Fair 2016 5th Anniversary

Dates: 21st October - 4th November 2016

Ghee is proud to sponsor The 5th Anniversary Boho Culture Fair, 
and have a new collection for the event.
The Boho Frilled Sweater which is on a special half price discount for the event (only 99L), and the Boho Etta Boots which work nicely with it.

Please note - there is a landing point set - but the Ghee store is close to it - follow the path with the Ghee Logo on a board on it, and it's just to your right :)

enVOGUE - HAIR Janelle - Ombre
Ghee Boho Etta Boots Orchid
Ghee Boho Frilled Sweater FOREST

Styling Card:
Location: Orchard Heights
Pose by Manifeste Model
Ghee Etta Boots BASE
Thong para tapar bollo
-Belleza- Mesh Body Alpha
Ghee Etta Boots ALPHA ADD
MK Celestinas Show Brown - Alge's Designs
-Belleza- Paige Pale Gloss 3
#Firestorm LSL Bridge v2.20
***Chaisuki*** lashes 51
-Belleza- Isis
enVOGUE HAIR - Janelle Fitted
Ghee Boho Etta Boots Orchid (RM S)
Ghee BoHo Fair Gift - Single Bead Cord Necklace (touch /resize)
Ghee Boho Frilled Sweater FOREST Belleza
HUDDLES Landmark Pal v0.4
IKON Promise Eyes (left) - Blush
IKON Promise Eyes (right) - Blush
penumbra del (new)
-Belleza- Ava Pale Bl 0
[Atomic] Grace Brow - Shaped
IKON Promise Eyes - Blush (M)