LUXE Dot-Be!

Introducing.... LUXE Dot-Be!

LUXE Paris fashion house and Dot-Be Fashion have announced today a joint venture for the creation of LUXE Dot-Be Men fashion, the new masculine brand of LUXE Paris.

Designed by Boniefacio, LUXE Dot-Be will be targeting the connoisseur, the man who knows about fashion, style and elegance.

The new brand will be launched at the AIM show Going To The Beach on July 29th and in store in August.

''LUXE and Dot-Be are a perfect match'' explain Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra. Boniefacio wants to concentrate on men's fashion and we want to concentrate on our women collection!'' 

''Boniefacio is bringing new creativity to LUXE,  add Skytower and Palmyra. His edgy style and his European twist will fit naturally with LUXE Paris Women.''

''As many businesses know, reputations take time to build but can be shattered in seconds. However, Dot-be Fashion wanted to focus on male fashion only'', says Boniefacio, the founder of Dot-Be Fashion who is now co-owner and designer of the new brand LUXE Dot-Be.  ''So, we figured how could this get any better and decided to join creative forces!'' 

''LUXE Paris and Dot-Be, the combination of two reputable brands'', continue Boniefacio, ''will result in growth as well as in a creative expansion.  It will also allow us to give our customers more choices in styles to wear.  In terms of personalisation of the items, we will continue to provide to you the very best we can. In the future, we are also planning a style competition for male avatars.''

Indeed, as the contest LUXE Paris Look of the Year is a great success with the women since three years, the new trio of designers is very tempted to start a search for the face of LUXE Dot-Be, a man of style and elegance who knows about edgy fashion. To be continued...

For more information, please contact Mika Palmyra.

Here is a preview of the new brand LUXE Dot-Be which will be in store in August:

 The LUXE Dot-Be ACE outfit comes with the cap, goggles and Slink boots. 
Textures hud for the shirt, pants, cap and boots.