68 Main #1

I'm speechless with this outfit from Prism, made for the 
68 Main Opening round and I'm sure you will be too.
When you wear it looks very nice, BUT!!!
When you put the graphics higher than Mid with Advanced Lights on 
and you wear the lights included in the set, you will be WOW!!!
And the nicest way to wear it is with Ziska's Necklace and eyebrows jewel.

Airlia Brow Full & Necklace by Zibska
Prism Aurora Bodysuit  - Maitreya - by Regi & Journey
Prism Aurora Wings Medium by Regi & Journey
Aurora Starlight by Regi Yifu
Prism Aurora Light by Regi Yifu

Your Limo.

Styling Card:
Pose by DM Treasure
TRUTH / Deja