11 years...

...of happiness, tears of joy and sadness, the most amazing friends, people who came and left not only SL but also RL, leaving in us a hole but the best memories.

11 years being in this amazing place were I created my own world on my own way, were I learned and challenged myself, were I say I'll do it, and I did it in the best way that I can enjoying every single minute of it.

11 years passed since I rezzed in Second Life and not regret a single moment of it, I adore what I do here, what I conquered, what I learned, were I failed but stand up and continue.

11 years of friends, of co-workers, of people who marked me in good and bad way, people who is still here near me, being my best friends, people who was amazing but sadly left both worlds leaving a mark in my heart.

The most amazing 11 years and I hope that will be more, like people say, with this age we are dinosaurs in SL (always found funny this :D ) but Lua still rock this world!

Thank you sooooo much all and each of you who are here with me, 
only just reading this or being my friend in every corner of the world.

I LOVE you all!!!