Lua by Prism

I think that one o the best feelings in the modeling world and not just,
is have an outfit named after you, feels so good :D

The sweet Evita told me that the dear Journey made a lovely dress that honestly is soooo me
and she named after me, what can be more wow!!! than go to a store and see a big ad with your name and pic on it :)

I have no words to thank you Journey for made this, Evita, Jezzi  and Maita for always be there, push for me and for like and recognize my work that I enjoy so much.

I always say this, I can blog a lot of stuff, but the outfit needs to inspire me to made the styling and post better, and Prism ALWAYS inspires me, I just love to be a "Prism girl".

Here is the ad for "Lua", the pic is made by Jezzica
I  L O V E  it!!!

 Prism Lua Sun Day is a lovely strapless mesh dress with gorgeous long sleeves
but with an interesting detail, they are not attached to the dress.
Happy Spring colors and flowers in different colors to choose.

Prism Lua Sun Day Dress - Spring

Prism Lua Sun Day Dress - Lilac

Prism Lua Sun Day Dress in Honeysuckle


  1. Dear Lua. You are lovely and talented. It was an honor to name a dress for you, and it really called your name to me!

    1. awwww Thank you sooo much form the bottom of my heart, you touched me with your kind words.
      Is an honor for me have my name in one of your gorgeous dresses :)

  2. Beautiful Lua: you and this wonderful creation. <3


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