TrenDing #170 with LpD

Le Petits Details lovely new mesh dress,
ready for the upcoming warmer days, finallyyyy!!! in my RL at least.
I would love to have it in RL, wondering when LL will release the feature that you can wear what you have in SL in RL :P, would be awesome can do that btw, use the outfits, hairs and even shape hehe, ok I´ll keep dreaming more.

 *LpD* - *Juno* Dress Sand Flowers

I´m wearing a lovely mesh hair made by a new designer in the grid,
she have a small but gorgeous selection of hairs 
and I think she will be well succeed in SL since she have quality.

I´m also wearing the wood necklace from Azoury made for
The Game of Thrones "The Secret Affair", from the 6th April until the 30th of April
-The Necklace SANSA it will in a Gacha machine at 75L$
Necklace - Sansa (Wood)
!Saltgrass!+ Faya 

Your Limo´s

Styling Card:
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  MUSK SUCK
*elymode* makeup - spring - pink 1
>TRUTH< Kalia Flower - Pink
Belly piercing *Impailed Heart-Onyx*
IKON Promise Eyes Blush