Friday, May 1, 2015


A new brand to blog and is amazing!!!

Presenting you the new mesh body that looks awesome,
I´m still not in the mesh bodies, not for nothing bad,
but since I need to model and post for so many designers,
a lot ask us to wear my regular shape and no mesh ones
also you need to fix things, match skins, etc,
the good thing, is you can adjust your body, is not like a dress for example that have a specific shape or size that is not yours, the mesh body have your measures so it´s still you
and can use your own face, slink hands and feet for example, etc...
So, after you are set, the mesh body looks just super,
so I´ll play with this one :D


I normally not change my skin, but in this pic I´m wearing eBODY one and I love how looks with my features, no makeup so you can see the quality of it.

The package includes a HUD, were you manage, skin, alphas in a lot of parts
and is very easy to use.
Your Limo

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