Join Hands for Nepal

Fashion For Food :

Nepal the landlocked country in the Asian Subcontinent , has eight of the world's tallest mountains including the highest peak on Earth.
A developing county with low income economy, Nepal is known for its beauty both man-made structures and the natures gift of mountains and valleys.
A 7.8 magnitude quake struck Nepal on 25th April, flattening large parts of the capital and causing devastation across the improvised Himalayan nation. Over 7000 people have known to have died in Nepal alone and over 2.8 Million Nepalese displaced.
While Kathmandu is now in a rubble, the people need food, shelter and basic first aid. More than 3.5 Million people are estimated to be in need for food assistance and 1.7 Million children in need of first Aid
We want to reach out to resources across the world through people who have the means to do and the humanitarian spirit to want to do it.
Helping Hands pleads to the residents in second life : with your hearts , mind and feelings reach out to the people who need us

Join Hands will partner with World Food Program all donations received during the event.

Largely organized by the Indian community on Second Life to support its neighbor country Nepal, the event will have artists across the world support for this cause.

Event Dates: May 13th until May 16th, 2015 [Event] 
& May 13th, 2015 [Fashion Show] at 2:00pm.

During the event, the talented and big heart designers :)
created this wonderful designs donating a % for Nepal,
with your help we can give back a smile to the ones who need it more now.

 AZUL- FifteenMinsOfFame /Jade(Limited_JoinHandsForNepal)

 Ghee - Nepali Ophelia Gown

.:JUMO:. Orient Gown Pink

::SG:: Citrus 

Your Limo

Read More About WFP :
If you would like to donate to the cause outside of the event please use the following link and we urge you to support us by spreading this information to a larger circle of your family and friends

Donation Link :