FaShIoN FrEaKs' HunT 2 MoooRe HinTs

Helloooo from Spain YAY!!! a little breack but still remember my lovely readers, soooo, take a look to the amazing things that you can find at the Freakyyyyyyy Hunt, if you already find them, check my other posts maybe you missed one.
ACIDE Unknow piercing, WOW! even have chains in the eyes, all the piercieng set is included in the gift, also the Belt Chain that you see in the pic below.

The modern and fashion Jean set is from Simply, also is avaliable for guys ;)

The skin is the hunt gift that Rozena offers to you, the nice Jewelry sset & Glasses are from B.Nuts and the Fresh Top is from !SDM! also a guft for guys too.

Have fun Hunting and more news Tomorrow, thank you to all the lovely designers for sent the outfits, still need a few of them lol :)