Boots @ Blueberry's

Blueberry added to the store this awesome mesh boots,
"Sherlie" and they just match perfectly the recent released mesh denim shorts, 
"Linda" the shorts comes in different colors and they are just 110L.

Blueberry Alice *Mesh* Cotton Shirt Black
Blueberry Linda *Mesh* Denim Shorts Dust
Blueberry Sherlie *Mesh* Boots in Chocolate Brown

Thigh high denim boots and they come in 6 colors.
They are on sale in the store for 110L each.
Amazing price for amazing quality.
 Blueberry Sherlie *Mesh* Boots Blue
Lenox 1974 Rompers Blue -Red Belt-

Your Limo to Blueberry

Styling Card:
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  just gloss
blackLiqud MAKEUP - lip line
blackLiquid MAKEUP - gunmetal glitter shadow
Finesmith- Stem of wheat to chew
 >TRUTH< Carmen w/Roots - strawberry
A(R/Gold Metal)[MANDALA]TAKARA bangle/Rich RED Wood