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Today I did a video shoot to promote Virtual Asia SIM, and I just love it, was fun do the video and work with great people.

I just want to show you a pic that I did after the shoot, the Virtual Asia SIM is amazing, have sooo many details that is hard see it fast, so is better go and take your time looking and discovering around, also is a great place to do pics, is very characteristic and have the perfect Asian details.

Thank you Kellis for the opportunity to do the video and with all who was there, was great and fun.
Danke Maanaf & Crazy :)

Your LM to Virtual Asia

And check the cool video here yay!

Models from the collective
Kellis Denimore
Angeli Optera
Lua Vendetta
Beatrice Serendipity
Ona Waffle
Nice Wildrose
Camilla Luponox
Noel Denimore
StarligteStarbrite Constellation

Virtual Asia Owners
Crazy Ibor
Maanaf Resident

Video by

Direct Link to the video.


  1. Thank you for this nice blog Lua, we really appreciate your help in making it as interesting and entertaining as possible!

    1. Thank you Java :) is a pleasure for me do it and can help in anything that I can to promote the SIM and the causes that Virtual Asia supports xx


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