CatSkillz Modeling Academy

Catskillz Modeling Academy

Thank you for your interest in Catskillz  Modeling Academy.

We at Catskillz offer to give you the best start in the modeling world solely on training an teaching you everything you need to know to become the Next Generation Top Model.

We have selection of top models on the grid who are here to give you their experience and training. we Promise you the best quality training at affordable prices.
 What makes us different is we have a passion for modeling and teach it with the same desire and dedication. All our instructors are qualified and long term models with a lot of modeling experience. Each trainer will give you their time, attention and  availability
We take personal pride in each student and give our 110 percent to push you to become the best you can. We will not stop until we have achieved our goal of  training each student to the best of their ability and more.

So if your have dream of walking the runways like you own them, like you belong there, want to stand out from the rest. get the best possible training from the best possible instructors who will have you walking out of this academy like professional, confident models. if you want the best teaching experience then Catskillz  is the place for you. We thrive on our professionalism, accomplishments and reputations as models. Our aim is to give you the best possible start to one day achieve what all of us have and flourish more.

If you are interested in what you read above and want a career in modeling, have the drive, passion and dedication for modeling, have what it takes and willing to work to achieve your dream of becoming next generation top model than contact:

SD Damiano (Catskillz  CEO)
Lua Vendetta (Catskillz  Instructor)
Blossoms Sweetwater (Catskillz Instructor)
Delinda Dench (Catskillz  Instructor)
Markski Glom (Catskillz  Instructor)
Tyra Eirn (Catskillz  Instructor)
Rusalka Calisto (Catskillz  Instructor)
or any of the Catskillz Modeling Academy team.

Send NC if offline as Im's get capped.