Daria by LpD

Daria is the newest dress from *LpD*
Dazzling short mesh dress created with soft fabrics,
gorgeous details, matching belt and a nice wrap to cover the shoulders.
Available in Black and Beige.

  *LpD* - *Daria* Dress Beige
*LpD* - *Boho* Boots Gary and Dark Brown
*LpD* MakeUp - *Xmas* Only Lipstick
(Full Makeup is included in the hunt)
*LpD* - *EcoFur* Bag Brown
The *Xmas* Make up is designed for the Christmas hunt organized by KV Mall, 
it's free and available only there at the *LpD* Shop

Your Limo to LpD

Styling Card:
Hair by Vanity (yes I use it again lol, love it :)