I'm so happy, my little blog is almost reaching 70.000 Hits is so OMG, I have no words, just THANK YOU, THANK YOU & THANK YOU ALLLLLLL, to my new followers, my old ones who are faith to me :), the ones that follows me by email and the ones that read my posts and of course the Designers who likes my blog and trust their brands in me.

Is time for me to present a new designer that want me to blog for her, 
she is amazing and have super cute mesh outfits.
Welcome to my blog my new sponsor:

I love this cute look with the Pleated skirt in mesh that comes in diff colors
and matches perfectly the shirt in nice bright colors.

OrsiniRed Mesh Pleated Skirt Soft Denim  Bleached
OrsiniRed Mesh Shirt The Winner Green

 OrsiniRed Mesh Pleated Skirt Soft Denim Ultramarine
OrsiniRed Mesh Ribbon Winner Orange
OrsiniRed Mesh Shirt The Winner Orange

This mesh dress is super sexy, enhances your gorgeous shape and is available in a variety of colors.
 OrsiniRed Mesh Dress Business Love Plum

Your Limo to OrsiniRed

Styling Card:
**NOYA** Face Make Up Lip Gloss2
blackLiquid MAKEUP - Monodic onix eyes
/Wasabi Pills/ Momo Mesh Hair - Golden
Mad Nerd Glasses (checkered, pink)
blackLiquid MAKEUP -  pink glitter shaddow
""D!va"" Hair "Daria" (Type A)(Cat's eye)
blackLiquid NAILS - orbital sweet lilac
OrsiniRed Mesh Dress Business Love S Plum
[MANDARA] Takara Bangle Dark wood
*LpD* Skins - *Barbara* LipGloss Dense
*LpD* MakeUp - *Shy Lady* Peach
blackLiquid MAKEUP - blue glitter shaddow
**NOYA** Face Make Up Lip Gloss2
/Wasabi Pills/ Sachiko Mesh Hair - Golden